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Follow this link and see how Joanne and Jeffrey Bateman screwed their friends and neighbors.



Today's Quote  August 2/15

“Is there some principal of nature

which states that we never know the quality of what we have until it is gone?”
Herman Melville

Nothing in the paper on the cops being at
Syr.Ave. the other day. Wonder who covered that up.
Also that same day a car was pulled over on West 7
by the same cops. Makes you wonder what
else is being hidden by our “leaders”.
                                                                                                                          Aug 2/15

Give it a week or so. They usually rat out their friends and dealers so the arrests do not always show up the same week as the bust.

For Sale:
Chainsaw in good condition … spare chains available.
                                                                                                                          Aug 2/15

Sqat. at 4:45 heading east on Utica St.
In the city of Oswego. Dear moron- I was on my motorcycle heading east
with my daughter in the Buick behind me. The reason ,you azzhole, I
was going slow, much to your annoyance (even tho I was doing 30) was
because I had a part break and was out by the campus, turned around to
head home amd get off the road. I delibrety took Utica st. For the
slower traffic, instead of Bridge st. But you set a real nice example
for your children in the back when you sped up passing both me and my
daughter on the hill just by Hillside ave, .. in your impatience. On a
single lane city st, passing two vehicles on a blind spot. Your A fine
example punk scum. The only reason I did NOT speed up and kick In the
side of your tan pos mini van was because my grandkids were in the
Buick behind me. BUt trust me, I got u memorized. BIG MAN. Bad

                                                                                                                          Aug 2/15





Today's Quote  August 1/15

"It matters not what a person is born, but who they choose to be."
Joanne Kathleen Rowling


Sprinklers in Parks
Are you really effin kidding me that the sprinklers have not been turned on in the parks for our children??? Have seen so many children let down because they get there and nothing....Saw a mom with a picnic lunch walk her kids to the park in their bathing suits to see NOTHING. The powers that be are so freakin stupid it never ceases to amaze me. We live on a great lake and we have to conserve water????? Watched my neighbor run his sprinklers all over his large parcel of property and others doing the same and we cant give these children a little summer fun??? Gillen and the ass puppets have to go. With the weather as hot as it has been it is the least we can do for our children. There are only two parks with sprinklers give me a break. People if you dont get out and vote these a$$holes out of office dont get on here and bitch about it.
                                                                                                                          Aug 1/15

code and Mr. todd
What a dumb a$$. I never knew that there was a difference between com. and private property. I never knew that when the bookmobile ,went to a park, that the fire dept. with two of their vech. The ambulance would show up making three! Question is, was there anybody called in to cover this promo stunt, or are they on straight time?
Cut the fire dept. to 40, Stay in the firehouse , until the call goes out. Study your new schooling updates, and learn how to use that new work out gym that the taxpayers paid for. I bet you taxpayers did not Know that the fire guys, had a workout room, paid by the taxpayers ,and yet, choose not to use ,because that is a lot of work and shows that a lot of these stout fire personal, could not pass the yearly physical. I guess they put the older ones on o.t. and on no brain duty. The aldermen take the same test ,that same day, and please show me how to add, and what is a taxpayer is!
                                                                                                                          Aug 1/15

1860s New York baseball card fetches $179,000 at auction


                                                                                                                          Aug 1/15

code , whatever
How many are there doing code, who is making the final call. Is this a look at command that looks like a “ T “ instead of a pyramid of command? Everyone near the top are all chiefs, and all the chiefs are telling the other chiefs what to do! And if they do not get it, they say “ I did not get the memo “ Boy, talk about passing the buck, or sorry, I did not finish 6 th grade, because my father had to pass before me!
                                                                                                                          Aug 1/15


The Flash

Flash Gordon Buskie... one more reason I'm glad I left Oz.

                                                                                                                          Aug 1/15

Britt Hills
Wow, why would anybody want to build or live in that compact space? Houses being built on hills and no thought about being so close together. I have seen track housing look better than this! Ed Matto, you are at the bottom of the hill, know wonder why you are the biggest mouth, your at the bottom. I guess the next thing is sound boards, since you and others are so close to the speedway, even though, the speedway has been there for a long time, before britt hills, or in your case mr. motto, dug ground.
                                                                                                                          Aug 1/15

Two congressmen behind a federal provision protecting state-legal medical marijuana operations are seeking an investigation into the Department of Justice's continued crackdown on medical marijuana patients and providers, saying the DOJ may be in violation of federal law.
"We request that you immediately investigate the Department's expenditure of funds to continue prosecuting these cases, which we believe are in direct violation of the prohibition on such expenditures established by Rohrabacher-Farr," reads the letter, addressed to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz from Reps. Sam Farr (D-Calif.) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.).
Rohrabacher and Farr's amendment, which blocks the Justice Department from using funds to undermine state-legal medical marijuana programs, found support in Congress and ultimately made it into the final federal spending bill signed into law by President Barack Obama in December. As the marijuana provision is part of an annual funding bill that will expire, the lawmakers introduced an identical version again in June, which was reauthorized by the House of Representatives.
                                                                                                                          Aug 1/15






Today's Quote  July 31/15

“If there is any one secret of success,

it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view

and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own.”
Henry Ford

Ok, I'm confused.
Ok, I'm confused. The mayor is still asking to conserve water. And yet, as of two days ago, the city was watering the grass at the east side fire station for pretty much the whole day? Does this city know what the hell is going on? I think not, wtf. This city is falling apart at your expense!
                                                                                                                           July 31/15

40 years later, Jimmy Hoffa mystery endures
Thats one Oaks cant pin on Gary


                                                                                                                           July 31/15

again, cahill building
Do all the costs and checks. What is the land worth with out the building on it ? What is the land worth if there is no contamination in soil? Land should be worth around $ 500,000.00 to 1 mil. Building shoring, maybe 1.5 mil. Window replacement, roof replacement , struct rebuild, and assuming that there is NO contams. in the ground. And by the way, the only way this building is PROTECTED, IS on the fed. ( must be registered, and sounds like it is not ) list. The state has jack nothing to offer. And mr. R is another salesperson! I said this before, taxpayers monies, prevailing wage. This is a 4 to 6 mil. project. And why would a invester put in that kind of money to do what? Is the investment going to double itself? Once again , we are being lead by blind faith ,and not construction and dollar smarts! After all, ask what the taxpayers gained by GIVING AWAY a PRIME PIECE of PROPERTY IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR CITY! Property worth $ 800,000.00, steel in demo, worth $ 54,000.00, sell for $ 3000.00 . Maybe these aldermen, mayor, and mr. R. should just sell CORN DOGS at next years harborfest, or board of election ( pat each other on the backs, because no brain and spine are present there).
                                                                                                                           July 31/15

Katko Go Home
Why does John Katko have an office at City Hall? right next to Gillen?? Does the fascist think he can rig the election better in person? What else is on his agenda?,improving the "quality of life" for the residents (other than Republican slumlords) of Oswego? The answer is: NO
Republicans fear their impending demise in Oswego County, their increased scrutiny by the AG, their unpopularity with voters (that escalates daily), the obvious corruption no longer hidden but celebrated openly,like nudists sunbathing in public.They are proud and boastful of every dirty,illegal thing they've ever conspired to do.I don't want to sound corny but are we staring in the face of an evil that has no fear of honest men? The Buffalo mob has a presence in town,has for decades,could Leotta be one of theirs? I mean that would explain every no bid or rigged bid contract given to MOB contractors,wouldn't it.

Just Wondering

                                                                                                                           July 31/15

I think that is the same office Dan Mafie had.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
Ding dong the witch is dead! That is what everyone at the Novelis plant was singing yesterday after the reign of terror came to an end with an abrupt firing! Laughter and euphoria ensued in a joyful day at the plant. Not to worry she will land on her knees with a job at RB Woodcraft. Which old witch? The wicked witch!
                                                                                                                           July 31/15






Today's Quote  July 30/15

Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.
Benjamin Franklin


Breaking News 8:15 PM

Oswego Police, NY State Troopers and The border Patrol have descended on a house at 177 Syracuse Ave.

The property is owned by Oswego slumlords Thomas and Tracy Kells. Kells was recently exposed for his illegal campaign contribution to mayoral candidate Billy Barlow.

Several sources claim Barlow has promised Kells the job of DPW Commissioner.

State approves SUNY Oswego’s first Start-Up NY partnership
Property owners in Oswego will have to make up for the tax break they get and the jobs that allegedly are created will go to college kids. Someone please explain how we will benefit from this Treadwell scam.
                                                                                                                           July 30/15

Re: How Oswego Harborfest silenced U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer
He was an assh..e then and more so now.
                                                                                                                           July 30/15

"With all due respect (none from me) to Sen Schumer and everyone else (Democrats) We (Republicans) can't just shut the band down every time a politician wants to speak (unless they're Republicans)"

-GORDON Buske-
                                                                                                                           July 30/15

The party's over! Been so for many years now
Harborfest?...It's been over for awhile now....many years in fact.
All one has to do is talk with relatives still living in the city or living elsewhere who have visited in the last several years.
It's the same ole $#it...only a lot less of it...and it's no longer cost effective.
No creativity or good ideas when it comes to entertainment...location and or talent.
That in and of itself is a day late and a dollar short.
Harborfest is washed up...pun intended!


                                                                                                                           July 30/15

You Got Him Peged
He is an arrogant effing prick with personality of a frog and the mentality of a fence post.
I knew his father a real nice guy too bad the kid his name sake Gordon Doug Buske turned out to be such an a$$hole.
                                                                                                                           July 30/15

How true!
Oswego....where the pond scum always rises to the top!
                                                                                                                           July 30/15

I agree with Mr. David Hamm
One, if not many theme’s around our city, is about water. The marina, the port, the coastguard, the museum, water safety, water shows, how the locks came into play! The city does not need another carnival at harborfest, we already have one going on at city hall! Mr. Van ( eric ) why are we trying to find a happy medium? Are you not for the taxpayers ? Mr. Eric, do you want to spend $ 300.00 per hour ( taxpayers money )or $ 100.00 per hour? Private money? What” middle of the road” am I missing here? What part of the brains and b@!!s am I missing here? And if some person wanted to launch there boat, would they been able too, or was the circus blocking the accsess? What leadership and common sense directs this city, all I know is that the tolietpaper should be change from thin to real thick!
                                                                                                                           July 30/15






Today's Quote  July 29/15

"With all due respect to Senator Schumer and everyone else,

we just can't shut the band down every time a politician wants to speak,"
Doug (Gus) Buske



How Oswego Harborfest silenced U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer





Schumer is not just any politician!

He is one of the most powerful politicians in the United States.

He is the funnel through, which all Federal funding flows to this shitty city and county.

Does anyone really think he is going to forget the actions and comments of this STUPID IGNORANT F**K  BUSKE?


I and several others tried to no avail to get help from Schumer's office in dealing with the corruption in this city and county. Now he has gotten a first hand taste of their arrogance. Lets see how he deals with it.


schumer says lyme-carrying ticks are now blanketing ...

schumer: port of oswego could be exporting over 1 million ...

Schumer wants Port of Oswego to receive USDA ... - Wrvo

Schumer introduces new legislation to help make college ...

Sen. Schumer secures equipment, funds to help Port of ...

Officials Push for Federal Funds to Fight Crystal Meth

Schumer: Expedite RRIF loan to Port of Oswego for rail ...

Senator Schumer Pushes for Oswego Harbor Dredging (USA)

Oswego Democrat: Schumer seeks more money for dairy ...

Schumer seeks federal money to fix Oswego breakwater

Sen. Schumer wants special focus on Oswego County

Schumer Announces City Of Oswego Fire Department Will ...

Schumer Announces Two Central New York Fire ...
Chuck Schumer
U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced today that two fire departments in ... the City of Oswego Fire Department of Oswego County will receive $726,750.

                                                                                                                           July 29/15

grants for who and what
City of oswego, sits on county properety. Why should the city tax payers pay for a research grant ( or apply) when county should be involed. And for some reason , if idea’s come across on the table, they have to be drawn up, and go through city, county, state, army corp. of eng. And if some kind of real direction comes up, this could take six to twelve years for any action, and once again, where is the money coming from, assuming that taxpayers are still around and the hud housing people ($ 38,004.00 per year, tax free ) and landlords ( locking up their properties income , for 50 years ) yet $65,000.00 of taxpayers goes out and gets lost for six or more years of someone does not have a clue, or can see the payoff for the city in 30 years, at which time, that person will be retired, and pass this along to the next bu11 sh1t artist.
Probadly in 30 years time, the fire chief’s last name, the police chief’s last name, the DPW chief’s last name, mayor ‘s last name, aldermen’s last name ( down to two wards, east and west ) will start with the last name of McC. and VanBuren!
As far as the figure of $ 38,004.00 got to the new york post and type in welefare in new york state. Landlords go for the hud housing, income is always there, and the standard of having nice and safe, and I am soory I did not pay my city tax on time, will I be able to apply for a flower watering permit, or have to go through van, en, wal, Mc. ( never answer my phone ever, be cause I am too fuzking lazy, but wish I was on the schoolboard, because I could show my try talents) We are going to take this city back, and push these dumb and lazy $hithead$ out of the way!
And stop trying to spend taxpayer’s money, when we do not have it, and do not have the leadership in cityhall!

                                                                                                                           July 29/15




Today's Quote  July 28/15

“I never did say that you can't be a nice guy and win. I said that if I was playing third base and my mother rounded third with the winning run, I'd trip her up.”

 Leo Durocher



HarborFest Success? 

This years HarborFest seemed to go well, with only a few problems. But, the problems shouldn't have occurred. The bands schedule was all messed up. Major shows were starting 10-15 min earlier than scheduled. Why? It made poeple angry when they realized they had missed a few songs. Also, the main viewing area for the fireworks (as advertised), was at Brietbeck. But, you couldn't hear the music at all along the fence line. I know there was an app, but most couldn't get it because of ATT's great service??? There were a couple new vendors, but most of the vendors have the same stuff. Potatoes here, there, everywhere. Burgers, lemonade, also everywhere. Nothing really different from one another. The gyros are always wanted (different), but most selling the same things. The bands were pretty good. Some outstanding! The jet ski shows were on a small scale, and not many were interested in watching one person jet skiing, although they did have talent. Our thinkers need to think much bigger, when it comes to shows like that. Too small, not enough to be interesting. Also, having only two stages is far from the past of having 3, and 4. Question??????? Why is the main stage at Brietbeck every year? The fort has a larger viewing area for fireworks, parking in a lot of different places, ball fields that could contain certain venues, more room in general. It has plenty of power, and overall a nice area. A family place, the fort itself would be packed, making money???? The permit parking at Brietbeck is ridiculous. There was so much room for parking that was not being used. And, as far as permit parking for vendors???, there were many parked there with permits that I know were not vendors.  So, how do you do that? Overall, a good fest for all. Eliminating the Veterans Park stage is a bunch of BS! Coleman's...wtf. And, they had it there before, when Colemans was barricaded. Has anybody barricaded the door yet, lol. 

                                                                                                                           July 28/15





Today's Quote  July 27/15

“The secret to success is to offend the greatest number of people”
George Bernard Shaw

Kick out islam

                                                                                                                          July 26/15

Sad oswego run
By crooked people for selfish often
Immoral pursuit of power and cash
                                                                                                                          July 27/15

A growing city
The city of Oswego, ny is a growing hub. Please keep grant monies, the city does not need them ,nor would not Know what to do with them! House’s going to bank, landlords bid and , or buy, rent out, no standards set by aldermen, mayor, fire chief ( biggest taker through city hall ) Tax asser. ,Payroll dept. ( which does nothing to report bad management to payroll time sheets). Have been calling 3 aldermen, none of which have been returning any calls.
Trying to call the A.G. office to report misuse of taxpayer’s monies (fire dept. ) and aldermen not rep. the city.
                                                                                                                          July 27/15

Who is Amy Tresidder?
We are almost into August, and I keep hearing who is Amy Tressider, what is it that she stands for and does she have the qualifications to be mayor. I think it is important to look at this in more detail and compare the candidates along with why she was the choice and not the current mayor.
It was the decision of the Democratic Party that Tom Gillen, because of his poor performance, and, if I had a better term, his lack of balls, to stand up for what was needed in the city, forced the Democrats to make a hard choice. Should we "kick the can down the road" and allow Gillen who could not control taxes, the departments that report to him, showing a total lack of communication to the residence, and allowing him to let the council to set the city agenda, which has gotten us into the mess we are in now, or do we turn things around for Oswego. The choice was no choice at all.
Amy Tresidder has been our representative in the county as legislator. She has worked hard and has been a moving force in holding the county accountable by bringing items to the floor of the legislature to keep taxes in check and corruption on hold. She has been very active in the community and sits on several boards for the betterment of the city and county. She is honest and has great integrity, some thing that Mr. Balow surely lacks. She has always stood up for what is right as a legislator, fighting hard to halt the corruption in the county, something the city really needs.(you might remember things like IQS where county employees did work for them (IQS) on county time, or the infamous Hannibal "road to no where" that Terry Wilber tried to install for a favor to another legislator). She also was involved in developing the resolution to give residence in the county a break on their assessments if they improved their properties. This is the same resolution that Barolw claims as his only accomplishment on the council, when it was given to him by S. Broadwell to present to the city council. This lack of integrity will give you glimpse of how he would perform as mayor, just a dumb kid stealing other peoples work.
Amy is an very moral person who has raised five kids, and I am sure she would frown on the activates of Barlow who, shall we say was messing around, and still is, with a 16 year old minor when he was 22. Apparently he is morally bankrupt. Must have learned it from Gosek, as he only lives a block from that
Registered Sex Offender!
This is a snippet of what Amy Tresidder is and what she is not. She is bright, has proven herself as a legislator, has fought corruption in the county, has been an advocate for the city, believes in tax control, and growing and improving the city, but not on the backs of the taxpayers. She will fix the city roads without busting the budget and has a plan for increasing revenues to make up for the $1,000,000 that will be lost in revenue when the water agreement ends in 2017.
Her opponent has no platform, other than stealing the work she did and hoping that Barkly will do something for him other than using him as a puppet.
Amy will not be run by the landlords, she is her own person and will always do the right thing for the City of Oswego.
This is who Amy Tresidder is.
                                                                                                                          July 27/15

not like it matters
Phone outage affecting Oswego County 911

                                                                                                                          July 27/15





Today's Quote  July 26/15

"The thing you have to be prepared for is that other people don't always dream your dream."
Linda Ronstadt



Like every other year I put up my barriers, locked everything that had a lock, set the trip wires and loaded the guns just as drunk fest was winding up for the last night of bedlam. I had started putting the site together and switched over to Youtube to watch some, how to, videos and heard the fireworks start. About a half hour later I checked the perimeter as the crowds started back from the lake. I went back to Youtube and them about 11:00 it dawned on me that it was unusually quiet, no free band entertainment, no ambulance running buy every five minutes. Then I remembered the weather forecast, sure as sh!t it was raining out and there were all kinds of lightening flashes to the west. It is now 1:00 and I can hear one of the drug crazed drunks scream once in a while but hat is about it. So far this is one of the best Drunk Fests in years. I guess maybe I should go to church today.


Once again, I would like to see the numbers ( money ) of it coming in and what is going out. Does the city , state, county get refunded for man hours? What and how many businesses benefit and how many do not! Is it time to pull the plug on this one? Is this stepping over a dollar to pick up pennies? Does the Oswego, new York firedept. donate there extra time?
Harbor mess numbers are covered by the Official Secrets Act.
Midtown and the fine job of Aldermen, and I mean ALL OF THEM
That property sold for $ 3000.00 not $30,000.00 and should of went out to bid! Thank you aldermen for looking out for the taxpayers. Everyone of you aldermen are dumber than a bag of rocks. Equal to the board of education. And thank you for allowing cheap landlords, hud housing, Welfare people to live in bank sold houses. And, not helping people, you know, the ones that were born here, or went to school here, not the ones that come from Syracuse, nyc., you know, the ones that HAVE NO JOB, and RELY on welfare for INCOME! The city has not put ANY LIMITS as far as how many rental properties can own! No limits to how many houses go to HUD FUNDING! Instead, we have to have some dumb sh!t aldermen make the homeowner that might of be rasied, or moved here (has a job that does not require the signature from new York state ) go through hoops just to replace a front porch or storge shed and just to try to make there house’s look nice, and yet the city has No code enforcement, no growth, GREEDY FIRE DEPT, no mayor, no aldermen and some dipsh!t wants to call in some house raiser, in stead of Real Construction Company’s to look at the cahill building ( not housebuilders ). Please spread the word, we have to take this back!
                                                                                                                          July 26/15

Sex Offender Relocation Notice
LEWIS JAY STEINBRECHER has moved from Oswego County Jail 39 Churchill Road, Oswego, NY 13126 to 200 HANNIBAL STREET APT 6, FULTON, NY 13069

Please access the Sex Offender Sub-directory from the Division of Criminal Justice Services website by clicking on the following link for additional details for this move. Thank you. http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/SomsSUBDirectory/offenderDetails.jsp?offenderid=22473

                                                                                                                           July 26/15






Today's Quote  July 25/15

“If God were suddenly condemned to live the life which He has inflicted upon men,

He would kill Himself.”
Alexandre Dumas Père

Re: Re: ..........
I do apologize. My post was a bit "nervey." It is not about Billy, and or you in particular. It just seems that the city bleeds you dry, and I try to get through to the many by getting them "pumped." As far as the 70's in Ozwego, they were grand! All must stand up for what is...well, right. This city is in perils, and not many care enough from the things I have seen, heard, or talked about with others. The spending, and the ideas to spend are just a slap in your face. I care a lot about this city and the memories it gave me. But, now it is a sorrowful nightmare and I hate to witness it. Please accept my apology, and know that I care about the many, and my city.
                                                                                                                          July 25/15

Billy's Reported Fund Raising to the State
Looks like Billy will end up holding the short end of the rope will the state looks into his campaign fiancé and realizes that there is cash from a $99.00 a plate fundraiser held at ATOM's B&B not reported. This is how he is allowing his campaign image how they will be ripping you off from if these grabbers get hold of the city coffers. Anybody remember the $16,000,000 missing from the reserve fund after Gosek and his friends, ripped the city off?
Here are some of the people that have contributed to Billy...that is the ones that gave more than $99.00.
Billy Barlow, $1000, Robert Corrdino (running for 7th Ward Councilor), $198, Thomas Kells, $5,000, Fran Wallace, $200, Atom Avery, $2,000, Shane Broadwell,(Legislator and local property rip off artist), $200, Josehhine Occhino( JoieVona), $100, Ed Izyk, $100, Furlong Properties, $1,500, Caraccioli & Associates, $500, JC Rentals, $300, Pauline McCarthy $500 in cash.
This is what is backing Billy. Any common theme? Does slumlords come to mind? The grabbers who will throw Billy under the bus in a heart beat. History is repeating itself again, looks like the Gosek campaign repeated.
                                                                                                                          July 25/15

Question - I have posted an article below about how Syracuse is getting
$10 million, in order to fix their infrastructure - does anyone know why
Oswego never gets any money from the state.... Are we that far off of
the governors radar that we don't count. Or do we get money and it is
just not publicized so that it is not used for its intended purpose. If
someone knows the answer I would like to know.....It seems as though
Oswego is forgotten from the state when it comes to funding.

                                                                                                                          July 25/15

Well get the crying towels out for the Broadwell falmiy.....

For years he has been the only game in town with his hotels. Charging an arm and a leg for sub par rooms. He would up his rate every year the there was a hockey tournament. He lost his Econo Lodge name when he would overcharge room rates when Econo Lodge had a capon $ Then Broadwell would only pay what he had too. Now the Hampton Inn He leased the property from the city , But has never paid for it. THERE IS NO HAMPTON INN COMMING. Smoke and Mirrors. Then a few years back when old Buddy pissed off a friend in Fl. The guy decided to show him and open up a hotel here. HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS. Finally a top notch hotel without a broadwell attached.... Even with putting sonny boy shane on the county Legislature he couldnt block that. Broadwell Enjoy it while it lasts. your boat is leaking....

signed a Bed Bug
                                                                                                                          July 25/15

                                                                                                                          July 25/15







Today's Quote  July 24/15

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted;

the indifference of those who should have known better;

the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most;

that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”
Haile Selassie


Re: Re: Billy for the people.
WOW, I guess i hit quite the nerve ??? Believe it or not this item is a concern for the city officials !! I didn't think my comment deserved all of the put downs and vulgar words ! If this is how Billy intends to run his office once elected
                                                                                                                          July 24/15

                                                                                                                          July 24/15

If a person or persons (fireperson) puts in for vacation time ( lets say week beginning 7/20/15 ) and gets called in for let’s say for “ haborfest week” does that person or persons get the vacation check and a payroll check for the week beginning 7/20/15 plus overtime? Or just reporting in means it is all overtime pay? If any of this is true, when is this greed and stealing going to stop?
                                                                                                                          July 24/15

Flooring manufacturer to become Oswego County's first Start-Up NY project
Another Treadwell scam

Barlow Backers Break the Law on Illegal Donations
W haven't even started the campaign season yet, and the Barlow campaign has already violated the law regarding individual donations. Seems that there are two donors that have given money above the individual donor limit of $1,000 in violation of the Finance Law. Records show the A. Avery gave $2,000 and Kells gave $5,000 as individual donors. LLC's are considered as an individual, so don't try to hid behind that scam ATOM.

It is my understanding that this violation has been reported to the State Finance Investigation Unit an investigation will be pursued.

I guess the price for zoning favors is pretty cheap at $2,000 and a promised job as head of the DPW is only going for $5,000. This is what you can expect from a Barlow Administration. Looks like Gosek has his hooks in little Billy Barlow and the rest of the slumlords has put "Billy" in a compromising position with State Violation of Campaign Finance Laws. Talk about lack of integrity, and the kid is only 24 years old. One would surmise that this kid is already morally bankrupt..
                                                                                                                          July 24/15

That is just what is on the books. You can bet for every dollar they report there are two more that are cash under the table. I think it was about a month and a half ago there was a 99-dollar a plate fundraiser for Barlow. When did you ever hear of a 99.00 a plate dinner? One hundred, two hundred, two-fifty one thousand sure but $99.00??? Didn’t anyone figure that one out? It is simple, donations of 100.00 or more have to be reported along with the name of the donor and the check number unless it is in cash. So if you only charge 99.00 then your donors can remain anonymous. It is perfectly legal but it is also the kind of slimy crap that has been the signature of the Oswego County Republican party for years.

I couldn't agree MORE with Ed about parking...it is not the citys responsibility to provide parking on the streets for tenants. Period. End of story. Two...alternate parking sucks. Put the off street parking back it worked. Three: It IS a CONFLICT OF INTEREST to have two brothers serving on the common council. One of them owns over 40+ housing units in this city and if you think one isn't going to vote in the others favor then your WRONG. And if you think that the one who owns all the property isnt going to vote in his own best interest then your WRONG. I have spoken with students from SUCO who live in said properties and tell me of the deplorable conditions they live in (in his houses) and I ask why live there then??? So we can have our parties they honestly respond. Four: we need a mayor who has the guts to go after this fire department. Period. The sucking off the tits of this city and our tax dollars has got to stop. Period. I am glad that I grew up here in the 70's; didnt know much or get into politics at the time but we were thriving....We did not have to drive to malls to do our shopping we did it here and kept the money here...Now, I am ashamed to be an Oswegonian. And the only people who have/love Oswego are the ones that don't live here anymore....
                                                                                                                          July 24/15

Re: Driveways
Again, yes, the fire dept. is a chunk of change, totally out of control and needs to be dealt with. But, what about the police dept., city employees, the DPW, the council? The police drive Cadillac Escalades at over a $100,000 a piece, their other cars at $75,000 a piece, full riot gear for each, how many officers are needed, a couple hundred??? Ozwego has minimal crimes! Then, there are things such as paying people at city hall for not working. Have you ever sat outside city hall and watched employees come in 5-10 min. late every single day of the year? By the time they get to
their office or desk, your talking at least 15 min. and they are getting paid for it! Everyday, and nothing is done! Their supervisors should be let go for allowing it to happen. Have you sat at Stewart's and watched the DPW trucks pull in and take 30 min. breaks? A break starts the moment you take it and should be 15 min. long. When they take a break, they leave job, drive to wherever, eat, drive back to job. Their breaks sometime are a total of 45 min. or more at times. The council gets paid for showing up at meetings, because they certainly are not doing their homework! Paying more for a name...president, vice president??? And, as far as winter parking...is it that bad, that ones brain can't let it go? We got by the last couple of winters. Sure, it may be an inconvenience for a few sometimes, but so is having to take a crap when you least expect to. Quit the bitching, certainly don't put it at the forefront of an election, and do your best to help out. The city could actually help itself out, by making parking available by permit only. I see enough houses that have "X's" on them and are falling down. Tear them down, pave, and sell permits. The police could have zones to check each night, (I'm sorry, lmao), and check lots as well (lol), for ones that don't have permits. Why hasn't that happened? The city pays for tow service, now they'll have some towing. Too many things that can be done, other than having people bash Ozwego, because of parking! We want visitors, oh yea, bang up job this tourism dept. does for Ozwego. Another waste of time and money. They don't have a clue! Nobody wants to f***ing work anymore. The less they can do, the better. Unbelievable!!!
                                                                                                                          July 24/15

Where is RICO WHEN WE Need it.

Oswego City Zoning Code
I have a question in regard to the City Zoning Code. When a neighbors erects a new fence and there is a front side (better side) and a back side (framing side) to the fence, is it required the they place the fence with the better side facing their neighbor property?

Thanks for any help.
                                                                                                                          July 24/15

Once upon a time that was the case but I believe it was changed. Probably to benefit some friend of Johnnie Gosuck. Back around 2003 Gosuck put up a fence and a shed without a permit and when a neighbor complained George Clark the Zoning Enforcement Officer told him he had to get permits for them. But Gosuck was the mayor and he did not think the Zoning Ordinance should be applied to special perverts such as himself. So he had Clark’s job eliminated. That worthless lying son of a bitch Leotta claimed he could do the enforcement himself especially since he was not doing the job he was hired to do. That right there was basically the end of Code enforcement in Oswego. I saw our former mayor last week in front of Price Chopper chatting up some young dollie about 25-30 yrs old. Poor Connie, who’s pension is supporting them both is shriveling up and withering away while her pervert husband continues to play.






Today's Quote  July 23/15

“Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments”
Rose F. Kennedy

Oswego Byrne Dairy robbed; crook tells clerk he did it for his family
Bring in some more imports. We are getting more like Syracuse everyday.


                                                                                                                          July 23/15

To my understanding, if a person owns a house, and does not have a driveway, that person can go to the police dept, and get a TWO YEAR PERMIT for that vechile to be able to park in the street. There are a lot of things to fix, parking is one, code rules,fire dept. over staffing, sewer and water structure, maintaince of cars and trucks. Keep in mind, and not picking on the fire dept. only, just that they have the biggest hands, $ 100.00 per hour, per man while on shift. 24 hrs. x 7 =168 work hrs in a week. 168 divide by 5 shifts = 33.6 hours per man! 33.6 hours x $ 100.00 ( salary, pension ,health insurance, unemployment ins., workers comp ins. liaibilty insurance, 401 k, social security, uniforms ( clothes, shoes, cleaning and I am not sure travel expense is in there?) So, 33.6 hours per man x $ 100.00 = $ 3,360.00 ( for a full week) $ 3,360.00x 59 ( fire personal ) =$ 198,240.00 ( per week ). $ 198,240.00 x 52 ( weeks ) = $10,308,480.00 for the year, and this does not include overtime, or paying the firemen that have retired! Think about that for the moment, and that is not picket fence thinking! And someone wants to save the cahill building ( which could cost 4 to six mil. but only a guess ) and then do what with it? Sell it for $ 250,000.00 ? We have some real thinkers on this one!
                                                                                                                          July 23/15


For years the Zoning Ordinance has been bastardized by that douche bag Leotta and a host of crooked councilors like Cosemento and of course the slumlords. Single family conversions both legal and illegal have had the greatest effect on parking. It is Not the City's responsibility to provide parking for renters or anyone else. If some one rents an apartment with no off street parking then they deserve to have their car towed in the winter. However in OZ we inconvenience the entire city, with alternate parking, so the few can park in the street all night. For the most part the slum tenants parked where ever they wanted anyhow and no one got any tickets.






Today's Quote  July 22/15

“Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”
Ernest Hemingway


Jewish Flag - Fort Ontario
This flag does not belong where it is overlooking the lake near Fort Ontario! It belongs in front of the "Safe Haven Museum." That flag has nothing to do with the "French and Indian Wars - Revolutionary War - or the War of 1812." Which is the history Fort Oswego/Ontario.

                                                                                                                          July 22/15

It has nothing to do with "Safe Haven" either.
From August 1944 until June 1945 a section of the Fort Ontario property was used as a refugee camp most of the occupants but not all were European Jews.

That is the flag of the State of Israel, which did not exist before 14 May 1948. Best I can remember we never had any Israelis at the fort.

Would you make more money if you worked in another state?


                                                                                                                          July 22/15

You do not have to leave the state. You would make more money if you lived in another county.

Heidi Allen kidnapping case: Read the latest court filings



                                                                                                                          July 22/15

Re: Billy for the people.
Again, the mentality of Ozwego...a white picket fence, tax paying up the ass ignorant son of a b!tch. Yea, let's focus on a candidate that will get rid of alternate side parking...NOW. You're a goddamn idiot taxpayer. One who thinks that parking in this city is a main issue. Go in your backyard and bury your head in the sand. What an idiot! Get rid of alternate side parking, and then you'll be bitching about cars being parked on the sidewalks. Really, if the cars are here, and there is no driveway, where the hell is one suppose to park? I'm guessing with your mentality, you would tow them, tell the owners of these cars that they shouldn't have one if they don't have a driveway, or perhaps shut down the college...idiot! But, your mentality of, that's what this city needs in a mayor, is one that has that at the forefront of any good goddamn thinking this city needs, is just ridiculous and shows that with people like you that think that way, is exactly why this city is falling apart...wtf. Get your head out of your ass and consider how this city can be great again, not worrying about you not liking cars in the road. The plowman are to blame for a lot of the way the roads are plowed! Not to mention getting feet of snow on any given day. Yes, there may be issues at times, but are you serious??? Thinking that...oh wait, we need a mayor that has this as a major focal point of the city and its problems. Again taxpayer, open your wallet and let the city take, as long as you don't see a car in the road...f***ing idiot! That's why this city has no chance, or at least a long road back to greatness. And, people like you have probably lived in Ozwego a long time, and still can't see the real problems.
                                                                                                                          July 22/15





Today's Quote  July 21/15

“It is more honorable to be raised to a throne than to be born to one.

Fortune bestows the one, merit obtains the other.”
Francesco Petrarch

Beware of BOTH parties
This goes out to all that think they have all the answers
1....amy is not qualified nor does she have an agenda that will fix the very large issues we have facing us in the next 3 years.
2...Bill Barlow has the wrong people in his corner, and lacks any REAL life experience that will be needed to run this town.
3...Cloonon is a moron...only wants to puff his chest and get what he can while he bleeds this city dry.....just go away !
4...The republicans can't even make up their mind about who to run,,,,,Eric Van Buren was the man and in some bullshit brainstorm, they come up with billy and stick it to eric
NOT VERY NICE, but there seems to be alot of jockeying for position in this election year. Tom is not a republican plant.hE'S A DEMOCRAT..the write in may not work for him, but you have to ask why did someone other than the incumbant get the democratic nod for mayor. Would tricky dickie atkins be at the fore front of this...your a snake and a joke...crawl back under the rock from which you came.
So the reality of this years election is simple in this voters eyes, We the people of oswego are once again caught up in the VOTE FOR THE LESSER OF THE 2 EVILS....
Barolw....no experience and a host of profiteers
Tresseder....no plan and no integrity and no care for this city, stay in the county and bother then with your redundant questions in session on the east side.
I urge everyone to get out and listen to the spillage of bullshit from both canditates...I can do this !, I can do that !....truth is your powerless without council support, short of putting your pals in jobs their not qualified for. With some positions coming anew on the council would be wise to go to the meeting in january and see who aligns with who....either way this voter is not happy about being stuck with mayoral runners that come to the table with nothing that fits what this city really needs
                                                                                                                          July 21/15

                                                                                                                          July 21/15

It was turning ten years ago. Now it is one.

Oswego city park
They look great! And kids are having fun! Nice job Oswego DPW
                                                                                                                          July 21/15

Billy for the people ??
If Billy is for the people ??? Why doesn't he make a move as a councilor and do away with alternate side parking in the winter NOW ???
Show us he's his own man ,,and make this move,,,NOW
As former 5th ward Alderman Tom Halpin would say "Joe-six pack in Oswego," doesn't want alternate side parking !!! In my opinion ,,, The parking fiasco is for the landlords that have more cars than parking spots in their rentals . Come on Billy show us what you've got !!!
                                                                                                                          July 21/15





Today's Quote  July 20/15

“Everyone has talent at twenty-five. The difficulty is to have it at fifty.”
Edgar Degas

Our gov't spending
As someone who enjoys the lake, I have seen many things. This article and pic show something that has not been seen (damage from hurricane Sandy). This project is costing taxpayers $19,000,000.00, yes...19 million dollars. This particular break wall is in better condition than any of them. They are big jax, and they will be gps monitored for movement. Sounds as if they may not do anything! They were designed by the Army Corp of Engineers. The same that constructed the walls in New Orleans that gave way during hurricane Katrina. Why is this kind of money being spent on something that is in good shape? Hurricane Sandy was in NYC, NJ, not Oswego! Not even the aftermath???

                                                                                                                          July 20/15

Other wasted monies
In other lake news. Take a look at this gate that was put up a couple of months ago at the tracks at the Port of Authority. It seems that something couldn't fit through, so it appears as if it was just pushed over. Who will fix this? Yes, the taxpayers.

                                                                                                                          July 20/15

Colemans and the heroes
Coleman's repairs are blowing in the wind. The 1x2 that is dangling is about to come off in the wind to perhaps hit a boater. You can also see in the pics, the door that is open just to left of the red "X". This door is wide open. And to the right, you can see the plywood covering the windows is marked, "My Territory." What's funny about these pics, is that you don't see the fireboat in the forefront. That's because it is a beautiful day and the heroes are doing donuts in the harbor. Why is it the boat is always used when it's nice out? Why don't you see them out in it on a crappy day? One would think that that would be the time for training, conditions that perhaps their not used to??? And...they can't see that this door is wide open?

                                                                                                                          July 20/15

Firefighter Joe Smegelsky
Is Firefighter Joe Smegelsky still an Oswego City FD employee?
Minetto FD threw his butt to the curb shouldn't we.
We do not need these type of people working for us.
                                                                                                                          July 20/15





Today's Quote  July 19/15

"There is a real risk that they jury would concentrate on Bohrer's prior conduct

rather than examining whether there is any evidence that connects him to Heidi Allen's kidnapping,"
Greg Oakes

No the “real risk” is that guilty or innocent,

the second time around Thibodeau might actually get a fair trial.


Nice Letter From Billy Boys' Mother
"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.." (it's Gosek!)
The poster pretends to be a Democrat voting for Barlow..an old variation in the world of "pretexting".

Not Fooled
                                                                                                                          July 19/15

An Open Letter to Mayor Gillen
Dear Mr Gillen
I urge you to remove yourself from the ballot unless your intention is to function as a "SPOILER" for the Republicans. You will only take votes away from the legitimate Democratic candidate.Prove your critics wrong who say you are a Republican plant and quietly support Amy T. for Mayor, just skip any "Gosek like" appearances because your endorsement, like his, is the kiss of death for your respective parties.
Remember: "Mayor Gilligan" is still a better legacy than the "Ross Perot" of Oswego politics.
                                                                                                                          July 19/15
A Real Democrat

He will not be on any ballot. That would require signatures and he is too lazy to go out and get them.

Water up hill
Mr. Tom S, you missed the sarcasm that was intended about water “ flowing “ up hill. After all, flowing and under preasure are two different things, And why would anybody build a house when “ ground water “ is under preasure ? Mr. tom, you are holding it too tight, release your hand preasure!
                                                                                                                          July 19/15

RE: Brittany Hills development
It is a city road—installed by the city, maintaned by the city, repaired by the city--- why else would the city even consider it--- I have seen them repairing the road, plowing etc
                                                                                                                          July 19/15

Brit Hill
There have bee zero reported drainage problems previously reported from residents living there to any city dept or disclosed in any way via home sales etc. If these property owners want to claim it's been an "going problem" since day one, let's hope all property owners who sold any property have disclosed this serious dilemma to every buyer whose bought in the development. The drainage was architecturally designed and city approved; it is a city street.
Lawsuits? They'll be on ALL of the Sellers who sold without disclosing this very serious "on-going" problem over the last 20 some odd years. IF what they're claiming is true.
                                                                                                                          July 19/15

Our leader
SUCO! Thank god we have a new leader on campus. This guy is even dumber than the rest. No more pens or pencils or free food. The staff can't even get your management to buy supplies that work. $4000 trash can why else would your mangers buy crap like that. Let Cumo's office deal with the crooks that you protect, in the mean time I'll be at the dollar store buying new office supplies.
                                                                                                                          July 18/15

Brit Hill
In defense of the builder, he doesn't drink and doesn't do drugs. But, I gotta wonder how he got approval from the city to build those last small ranches that went up over the last 6-7 year? It definitely looks poorly planned, somewhat of a clusterf*ck. The last one to go up, sits right on top of a city road. Very surprised they fit a house in that tiny spot. Nothing would have been built without permission from our zoning & code enforcement offices. It won't be the builder, it'll be the taxpayers who pay.
                                                                                                                          July 19/15

Billy , Who you hang with counts
Now that we have heard from an individual that quotes a druggie like John Lennon, and is enamored with this kid "Barlow", lacks the understanding that who Barlow hangs with, does makes a difference. Being involved with the likes of Gosek, and having him involved in any way puts a stench him (Barlow) and his campaign. That doesn't even take into account the others he is involved with like Broadwell, Kels, Avery, Walker, who are looking for a handout after the election if this kid should somehow win.
There is talk about him dating a 16 year old girl when he was 22, so maybe there is a Gosek influence. Serving as mayor requires that you have character and those you surround yourself with must have character as well.
Lets look at the facts about Billy Barlow. He has just turned 24, went to ASU which is nothing more than a party school, came home and started working for his family frying dough at carnivals. He is working for Barkley as a fund raiser in upstate NY for the Republicans in the assembly, not what I would call a influential job. If you think that Barkley has any influence in his job in the assembly to help Oswego he would already have done it.
Billy has been a dismal failure on the council. He says in his brochure that he is concerned about raising taxes, yet made no effort to reduce taxes in the only budget he ever voted on. As a matter of fact he doesn't pay any taxes as he lives in the basement apartment at his parents house. He was given a lot of information that would have allowed hi to lower taxes last year but did not take advantage of it. I was at the council meeting where he was handed information that could have reduced taxes by $1.2 million dollars, but ignored the information.
The condition of the roads in his ward are in terrible shape even though direct complaints were made to him. He has only written 43 work orders in the last year and a half, which only 43% have bee completed, and there were only 3 were written for patching pot holes, yet he says the condition of the roads frustrate him. Maybe if he were the leader he claims to be he would have followed up on the few Work Orders he wrote and lead the DPW to where the pot holes are, but then again that would require him to drive through the ward.
His brochure Claims" he initiated legislation by offering a tax break for home owners who choose to improve their homes" which is a lie!!!! He first of all did not have anything to do with developing this program. It was developed by the Oswego County Legislators, with Real Property , specifically at the " Government, Courts, and Consumer Affairs Committee" and the final resolution were written by those legislators who sit on that committee. His opponent (Amy Tresidder) sits on that committee, had input into its development, and Billy was never in attendance. The resolution was passed by the County Legislature which Amy voted on and it was implemented for the county. A copy of the resolution was give to Barlow by another legislator so he could bring it to the city council. He had nothing to do with it and plagiarized the entire resolution for the city. Makes me wonder how he got through ASU. Is this the leadership you speak of; someone (Barlow) who willing to, and did steal other peoples hard work, and then claim it as their own. By the way Billy, if you read the resolution, it doesn't give people a tax break, it only holds their assessments down for a few years until the project is done, and then their assessment is increased to full value of the property. It is a very small incentive and people will not improve their property because of this resolution, but in spite of it. They will do the improvements because they want to not because of this very minor tax relief.
You say that with Barlow we will "get a path untraveled", but plagiarism,
be backed by the questionable people he is surrounding himself with, and the active talk about him dating underage girls, sounds like a path Oswego has already traveled, and it makes my skin crawl.
I think it is wise to follow the beaten path with an mature experienced person like Amy Tresidder who has proven her worth on the legislator. With Amy you will hear ask the right questions , make wise decisions being based on the best information, and will not be influenced by the under belly of Oswego regardless of what they are offering. With Barlow, the baggage of those who have screwed up Oswego comes along with him.
Seems like a simple choice to me.
                                                                                                                          July 19/15

Britt hills
A lot of these privt. Delvep. Most of the time ,go to the county for maintance, provided that all the inspections were in order for rain or surface water flow and drainage, no more than 50% flows onto the people next door.
Also the houses were not built on rock,clay, farm land ( goes back to perk tests) and below ground water drainage at bottom of entrance could evac (without being connected to storm system). Your thing about the aq. Thm. Was not as good as a aqua therm. And the point was not if water could go UPHILL, it was meant to be that rain water ( surface ) could not go uphill, therefore problems are with landscape, foundation drainage, lack of WELLPOINTS to evac water from foundation, if needed! Not on a science class on GEO. You need to see sarcasam!
                                                                                                                          July 19/15





Today's Quote  July 18/15

“Most children threaten at times to run away from home.

This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.”
Phyllis Diller

RE: Brittany Hills development
Let see why should Oswego fix this road. It should fall on the farmer that thought he was a builder should fix his screw up. Why should the tax payers have to fix the problems that have been there since this development was first started?
Not sure why the development thinks it is a city problem. It is a private road and last time I knew the city does not take care of private roads.

Or am I missing something.
                                                                                                                          July 18/15


Results of our unofficial mayoral poll


Candidate           Votes             %

Tresseder                     45                    63%


Someone else             16                     23%


Barlow                          9                       13%


Gillen                             1                        1%


Looks like Gillen could not even get his family to vote for him.

                                                                                                                          July 18/15


                                                                                                                          July 18/15

water going uphill
I think the person was talking about rain water.
                                                                                                                          July 18/15

Billy Barlow for Mayor!
John Gosek! Hahaha! I so agree with the nit wit below on that guy! The city of Oswego will get a chance to let him know what he's done and what they think of his past practices!

But lets make it perfectly clear!
Billy Barlow's character is above and beyond what that guys ever was.
Mr. Barlow is a very Intelligent young man.
With a fantastic personality!
To make a statement of such, just shows the ignorance and pure disrespect for the rights of the voters of what was a great city!
Billy may just be what this city needs to get back on track!
Youthful motivation!
Our past has shown us, that bad decision can be made by the many.
But Billy just may be the answer!
Young and full of vibrancy!
Something this city hasn't seen in years!
Anyone elected needs to seek a party to run with! And the backing of some!
But do not doubt this young man for 1 second.
Have you heard him speak?
Have you talked to him?
If not.......do not Judge him!
He will be his own. It's all we can hope for.
But the same old, same old needs to washed out!
Billy Barlow seems quite willing to work hard to better this city for which he calls home.
And has the connections it takes with in the state to get things accomplished, and bring notice back to the Great City of Oswego!

The white heads have failed us, time and time again. As John Lennon said: Give peace a chanced
Let's give the kid a chance! Never know until you try. But one thing for sure with Billy as mayor were gonna get something different, a path untraveled.
I will stay a democrat! But this time around, it's Billy Barlow for Mayor!
Good luck young man!
Ignorant comments such as the one below.
No substance, just a slam with a forked tounge. Should makes us even pull harder for change! And the kids is gonna bring it!
                                                                                                                          July 18/15

Brittany Hills
The builder is a crackhead and big time drunk. If you hired this guy you got what you deserved.
                                                                                                                          July 18/15

Re; Brittany Hills
I will bet the work gets done – you see I have noticed that if you live in a richer area of the city they bend over backwards to please you.
Look at the people that live out by the middle school – they don’t have to keep their sidewalks clean like the rest of the city because they are too close to the road. It may destroy their snow blowers if they try. The rest of us have to keep our cross walks clean and don’t get the option due to the fact that they are too close to the road.
Don’t fret, we the poor taxpayers of this city will pay for the work and they will have pretty roads and curbs to drive on while those of us that don’t live in the rich areas will drive like we are drunk trying to avoid our potholes.
                                                                                                                          July 18/15






Today's Quote  July 17/15

“It is but a poor eloquence which only shows that the orator can talk”
Joshua Reynolds

Re: Suny Oswego

If they were one place lower they would have made the bottom fifty.

                                                                                                                          July 17/15

Helping roads
Why should taxpayers pay for drainage and blacktop, when it was contractors and arch. fault on design. Was ( was this under city inspection?, If it was , who signed off the approvals ? who was the inspecter? What ,if any ,was the qualifications of this inspecter? ( I would guess NONE ). This city need a strong and qualified zoning,construction dept. and clerk of the works that want to do what is right for the taxpayers! And maybe the right thing to do, might be that the mayor, aldermen, fire dept,historical brains, all hold there meetings in the “ Cahill “ building at least twice a week, rain or shine, every week!

                                                                                                                          July 17/15

Brittany Hills development
I find it kind of comical that the residents of Brittany Hills approach the common council and ask for a major capital project to fix their road and add curbs,etc. This is a nothing little road that only these residents drive on, not even any pass through traffic. If the common council spends money on this project before it does work on Bridge St, where 10's of thousands of people drive or some of the other major roads that need work they are crazy.
                                                                                                                          July 17/15

Water flowing up hill
As I remember my Earth Science from high school water can flow "up hill" especially if it is below an impermeable layer of rock. Drilling into such a layer, wherever it is, will result in what is called an Artesian Well. An Artesian Well is one from which water flows without pumping because it is already under pressure caused by being below the impermeable rock layer.

So, before chastising someone else for their perceived ignorance maybe you should fully check things out so as not to show your own ignorance.
Tom S
                                                                                                                          July 17/15

Re: Brittany Hill
Mr Matott, I don't see no reason for you to have drainage problems unless your dumb builder never installed perimeter drains when putting in your foundation. I'd bet my bottom buck anyone he built for are the home owners running into the same problem and doing a the complaining Britt Hill was built 25 years ago, all of the first houses built haven't complained in all these years? Why a of the sudden ? Is it safe to say all of the recently built ones are having all of the problems? The builder of Mattot's and the newer homes didn't succeed in this biz and I've heard of law suits at Britt Hill against this former builder too. Not to mention everyone him and his mama screwed over all of these years $$$. MSHA will be next to shut down his newest endeavor. Careless & reckless. Riccelli, his boss is gonna end up with a lawsuit too. Take it up with your builder and leave us taxpayers out of it.
                                                                                                                          July 17/15

Brit. Hill Gall
I can't believe the gall of these people. Of course an engineer designed the subdivision and the city approved it. With the condition of the rest of the city's streets and these bellyachers want a capital project paid by taxpayers to beautify their street? Half those houses have finished basements, they'd be flooding with "major drainage problem" so save your sob stories. Matott has aways been anal 'Cept when he was abusing his middle school students in Science class. With a curb, he can spend his dull days on his hands and knees perfecting the edging of his lawn. This is what it's boiling down to. A pipe dream.
                                                                                                                          July 17/15

Ed Matott
Ed, maybe you should have been on site when your builder was putting in your basement and laying your foundation. Instead of pussy footin up their azzes everyday over your perfectly painted interior. Who's walkin on water now Ed?
                                                                                                                          July 17/15

Brittany Hill Drainage
The development was designed with an extensive French drainage system and its working correctly, pretty much un-fail able and used for centuries. If it wasn't working correctly, the area would be flooding.

Their cry for help to our Councilors; nothing more than greedy homeowners looking to spruce up their neighborhood at our expense.

Move back onto a city street if you want curbs in front of your house and to Kingsford Woods if you want more than mediocrity.
                                                                                                                          July 17/15

Again, Cahill building
First off, this is a commercial project, if seeking any public money, it goes to prevailing wage. Second,restoration contractors need to be called, as in masonary, carpentry, stone masons, joiners, pile drivers, slate roofers, rebuild architects have to be called in. Third, window restoration contractors called in, about $ 5000.00 per window should do it. Fourth, you have doors, size, hardware. Fifth, walk area, which includes pavers, but might have to be matched to the original over 100 years ago, and remember, they have to be placed, that is historical by a historical contractor. Make sure that the army corps. Are contacted , as of NOW ! And a p.s., there is a difference between a residential Contractor ( for some of you, a House Contractor ) and a commercial contractor, and I do not know Mr. Rudgick, but I would like to see the building education on this person! And also, Woodford Bros., are nothing more than house raisers! This is a major commercial project! Does the Fed, State and the city want to spend between 4 to 6 Mil. on this project? Can you really ask the taxpayers to spend any money on this project, when colemen and that other brain, neglected this building? Why should any taxpayer even pay a dime! And why should the city of Oswego, ny, even have any community develp. office, when then are construction dumb? And have not even clean up bridge st. Maybe Mr. motto
Could see the city going in the right direction, then the city could put in “ French Drains “, the water could understand how to flow down the grade ,better that it is now! (Above ground drainage ) . I guess next will be sound barriers, since, after all ,they are close to the speedway! But might of not been aware of this, because ,they might of bought there house in the winter! ( taxpayers are at fault on this one) must get a tax reduction and a free basement pumping, from the fire dept. And if you get a basement flooding, see the real estate, and delvp. On this one, Mr. Motto.
                                                                                                                          July 17/15



Here are some truths about the Bridge Street Run.

It is not supported or sponsored by the college. They also do not discourage it.

I is not a few hundred students from Suny Oswego. It is a few thousand students, drunks, dopers, perverts, gangbangers, and drug dealers and they come from all over the north east.

Last year there were two deaths, which the authorities claim could not be connected directly to the Bridge Street Run. One person, not a student from the Long Island area brought some high-test heroin up to Oswego where he met up with friends who were participating in the Run. Two deaths are just the number we have been told. No one knows how many bought the drug here and died somewhere else on some other weekend.

1 SUNY Oswego student dead after heroin overdose; 2 others hospitalized
Oswego, N.Y. -- Three SUNY Oswego students overdosed on heroin Friday night, one fatally, according to Sgt. James DuFrane of the Oswego Police Department.
The student who died was found on campus, DuFrane said. Two other students were found after overdosing off-campus and hospitalized. Police believe the incidents are related.
DuFrane said that criminal charges are pending, but didn't elaborate. The death is being investigated by campus police and the overdoses are being investigated by city police, according to DuFrane.
No names have been released. The times and locations of the overdoses have also not been released.



"Nevertheless, recognizing the risks associated with the Bridge Street Run and upon request of Oswego City Police, we do put our college public safety resources at the service of the Oswego City Police. Our University Police officers, paid overtime by the college, were operating under the direction and control of the Oswego City Police from 3 p.m. Friday to 3 a.m. Saturday to assist at no charge to the city."
Deborah F. Stanley


1 SUNY Oswego student dead, 2 others hospitalized after suspected heroin overdoses


I remember reading Deborah Stanley’s denial denial letter back then especially the part about the dates and times during, which the College Cops were “operating under the direction and control of the Oswego City Police”. I also remember thinking what the hell was that about.

Well here is a chronology as best as I can recollect. I have meant to do a follow up on that cover up but just could not find the time and then could not find my notes. I am sure someone will correct me where I am wrong.

Somewhere around the weekend of April 26, 2014 John Doe, from Long Island or somewhere down there came to Oswego with his backpack bulging with Heroin. The object being to party with his friends and sell his wares at the BSR (Bridge Street Run).

That weekend a student, lets call him Stupid Student #1, scored some Heroin from this Long Island dealer/friend and promptly passed it on to his friend Stupid Student #2. It is unknown if there were any fees or surcharges, which would make him not only Stupid Student #1 but also Dealer #2.

While they attended a party at a Frat house on the Johnson Road just outside the city in the Town of Oswego, Stupid Student #2 shot up the Heroin and promptly croaked. As part of the cover up the college demanded that Stupid Student #1 move back onto campus.

Just a few days later was the BSR and Stupid Student #1 was at another party at another Frat house on west Bridge Street, which was operated in violation of the zoning ordinance, by Doug Waterbury, who is also the mentor of Oswego Councilman William Barlow.

At this party Stupid Student #1 and two others Stupid Student #2 and Stupid Student #3 all shot up some heroin from the same dealer. On this occasion Stupid Students #1&2 over dosed while #3 croaked or so it seemed. Realizing the possible consequences, an undisclosed number of Stupid Student/Frat boys loaded #3, the dead or near dead one into a car and brought him out to campus where they dumped him in a dorm room and called 911.

Meanwhile back at Councilor Barlow’s, mentors, frat house on Bridge Street, Stupid Students #1 & #2 were being attended to by EMS personnel.

The following day Campus Cops who already had the info on the Johnson Road death began to put two and two together. They went directly to stupid Student #1 and told him they knew he was involved in the two deaths and offered him immunity if he gave up the source of the Heroin because they just wanted to get this stuff off the street.

Pending a definitive autopsy report determining the time and place of death of Stupid student #3 the Oswego Cops were operating under the belief that #3 did die in the City Of Oswego and either arrested or planned to arrest Stupid Student #1 for is involvement. At this point or shortly Thereafter Stupid Student #1 flashed the get out of jail free card and the DA’s office was faced with the conundrum of whether or not the Campus Cops had the authority to offer immunity for a crime committed outside their jurisdiction. Stupid #1 was involved in the deaths of two people. I am sure we will never know just what transpired between the two enforcement agencies and the DAs office but now Deborah Stanley’s statements about the Campus Cops, operating under the control of the City Cops began to make sense.

That I am afraid is where the trail ends for now. Neither the City nor the College has done anything to stop or alter the Bridge Street Run. Stupid Students #1 & #2 recovered and are probably now teaching school or working on Wall Street. I have yet to find out if anyone was ever arrested for those two deaths. I am sure there was no Zoning Complaint regarding Waterbury’s house and certainly no “POINTS” registered against it. Councilor Barlow now enjoys the support of Waterbury and the slumlords association in his yet to be announced campaign for Mayor of Ozwego.


All is well that ends well!
                                                                                                                       May 8/15


Joeseph Smegelsky Jr.


Below is a copy of the District Attorney's plea bargain and his explaination of how they arrived at it.

If you enjoy fiction you will love this.









Gary Thibodeau claims he has not been allowed to shower in 4 weeks



                                                                                                                       March 4/15


Today's Quote, March 2/15

"Some people stay longer in an hour than others do in a month"
William Dean Howells


Regarding The Comptrollers Report, which should be answered buy State Comptroller, the District attorney, and the Mayor of Oswego


Joe Smegelsky Jr.

“The chief of the Minetto Volunteer Fire Company in Oswego County spent nearly $6,000 in public funds on personal purchases such as guns and motorcycle parts, according to an audit released today by State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. The audit revealed a total of $22,000 in misused funds, questionable spending and missing cash” http://www.osc.state.ny.us/press/releases/dec14/121914a.htm

Why were there no charges brought for Official Misconduct?

S 195.00 Official misconduct.
A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to
obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit:
1. He commits an act relating to his office but constituting an
unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that such act
is unauthorized; or
2. He knowingly refrains from performing a duty which is imposed upon
him by law or is clearly inherent in the nature of his office.
Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.

Exactly what kind of firearm was purchased, long gun or pistol?

If it was a pistol who’s permit was it placed on?

Did Smegelsky have a permit and if so has it been revoked?

I have been told some crimes involving firearms bring mandatory penalties. If the alleged felony “grand larceny in the third degree” were to be prosecuted would it then bring a mandatory penalty/sentence?


Did anyone investigate to see if this overpayment was deliberate and possibly part of a scheme to divert monies to the chief?

“Vendor Refund Check Diverted — While reviewing cash
disbursements we found that the Company’s Treasurer had
mistakenly overpaid a vendor in 2012. After interviewing Company
officials, including the Chief, we found that the vendor had issued a
check for $1,863 to the Company as a refund of this overpayment.
The Chief subsequently cashed this refund check and retained the
funds for personal use. Prior to the conclusion of our audit, the Chief
reimbursed the Company $1,863 for this refund check.”



According to the Comptrollers Report, Smegelsky admitted he prepared invoices for a nonexistent company at the request of “other Company officials”.


“Four of the purchases were supported by
invoices with letterhead that indicated the Chief had a fire equipment


9 The invoice letterhead showed “J.Smegelsky Fire Equip.”


but, when we interviewed the Chief, he stated that he did
not have a business that sold firefighting gear and related equipment
and that he only prepared invoices because he was asked to do so by
other Company officials.”


S 175.05 Falsifying business records in the second degree.
A person is guilty of falsifying business records in the second degree
when, with intent to defraud, he:
1. Makes or causes a false entry in the business records of an
enterprise; or
2. Alters, erases, obliterates, deletes, removes or destroys a true
entry in the business records of an enterprise; or
3. Omits to make a true entry in the business records of an enterprise
in violation of a duty to do so which he knows to be imposed upon him by
law or by the nature of his position; or
4. Prevents the making of a true entry or causes the omission thereof
in the business records of an enterprise.
Falsifying business records in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.

S 175.10 Falsifying business records in the first degree.
A person is guilty of falsifying business records in the first degree
when he commits the crime of falsifying business records in the second
degree, and when his intent to defraud includes an intent to commit
another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.
Falsifying business records in the first degree is a class E felony.

In an unprecedented public plea for leniency from the District Attorney, we have heard how Smegelsky cooperated and how his alleged loss of six weeks pay at the Oswego Fire Department somehow figures into his punishment. According to the Comptrollers Report “the Chief was unwilling to state where he obtained the other items he sold to the Company”

Someone please explain to me how this translates into cooperation and why was there no investigation into where these items came from?

“Other than stating that he had previously
owned a generator and two helmets which he sold to the Company,
9 The invoice letterhead showed “J.Smegelsky Fire Equip.”
the Chief was unwilling to state where he obtained the other items
he sold to the Company.”






Today's Quote, January 26/15

"I am not an enemy of the negro, we want him here among us; he is the only laboring class we have."
Nathan Bedford Forrest


One week ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. I am sure members of the Ozwego Fire Department seized the opportunity to rack up some double overtime but that is about the only use they have for non-whites.

Since its inception in 1876 the Oswego Fire Department has been as white as the driven snow, with respect to the color of its members that is. In its 139 year history there has never been an Asian, Black or Hispanic member. If you think this somehow reflects the population then you better take off your blinders. Oswego’s elected officials and Personnel Department have long allowed department members to live as far away as Montour Falls, Watertown, and Groton. There is no way you can cast a net that far and say, that population is reflected by our department.

In the late 1980’s there was young Black man working for the local cable company who sometimes frequented the Fire House Tavern as did members of the OFD. The firefighters exam had been announced and he was asking some of the OFD members if they thought he had a chance of getting in. He received all kinds of encouragement while he was there but after he left I overheard two of the Heroes chuckling and say no way they were going to let him in the department. “We have Guinias and Polocks and that is as integrated as we are going to get.” I do not know if the man ever took the test but the fact is that department remains as segregated as the day it was formed. They are allowed to operate as their own little fiefdom picking and choosing their own white membership and no one has the balls to put a stop to it.

The next time our Senators and Congressmen come around for their photo ops with our Hero Department we should all point out to the national media how they are supporting a racist organization. Perhaps we should ask the NAACP how this has been overlooked by their organization for so long.
                                                                                                                            Jan 26/15





Joseph Smegelsky


Audit of Minetto fire chief charged with misusing $22K in funds for guns, motorcycle parts completed
"This individual had keys to the cash register and went on a spending spree with the fire company's money," DiNapoli said in a statement.


                                                                                                                    Dec 20/14


They learn to be thieves and liars in Ozwego then they go out into the towns and ply their trade.


City Of Oswego, NY Firefighter Arrested


Joseph Smegelsky, Jr. Was arrested after an investigation by the New York State Comptrollers Office and the New York State Police determined there was a "misappropriation of nearly $20,000 in department funds" at the Minetto, NY Volunteer Fire Dept. where he also served, as their Chief.




Here is the gross pay this HERO collected as an Oswego City Fireman.

2011 - $59,803
2012 - $59,392
2013 - $62,616

According to some media reports he has a side business going like all the other Oswego Heroes. I suppose their union president Mr. Geracy will be coming out with a statement telling us these things would not happen if only the firemen were paid a living wage.

 I am sure that if any of this information is incorrect Joey will send in another post and let all us asswipes know about it.


 Meanwhile let's take up a collection and buy him some soap on a rope.


Watch and see what happens next. I bet Gilligan gives him a paid vacation.



Today's Quote, July 2/14


“Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may more perfectly respect it.”
G. K. Chesterton


Oswego's finest screwing the taxpayers once again spotted at Dicks Sporting Goods in Great Northern Mall on 6/22/14.....didn't know they sold food there....or were they perhaps getting a new set up clubs at our expense??? Would still like to see the tab for the turning stone "conference" they went to....a whole weekend at the turning stone??? meals, rooms, drinks, etc???? The worst part is it will never change. No matter who is mayor they will always be controlled by the f.d. and no one will run against our current council members. Oswego has become homeowners to few (I stand corrected good homeowners) and is a city full of renters.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

That was probably just Smegelsky picking up some guns. They should be checking the video at Dicks to see who was with him. That hero should be arrested too.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Chief
People like that are paranpiod about someone else stealing what they just stole so naturally he would need to get a gun to protect all his or should I say our stuff.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14


Ambulance Numbers

Yes, they are not as correct as they should be as I left off the 2 additional firemen that go out on Ambulance #2 and many of the other expenses that can be attributed to the ambulance service . In reality here is a $300,000 loss each year without he expense of a new ambulance. The point is, we will never make a profit on this service; have a fully qualified ambulance located in Oswego (Menter) that can handle all emergencies; could cut 15 men from the department with all their benefits and return $2,000,000 to the taxpayers; while cutting the long term obligation of retirement and the padding of such for years to come.
Unfortunately, the obtuse Mayor, Council, and most of all ,Fire Chief, have another agenda and it is not in the best interest of he taxpayers. McCrobie probably was, at one time, a good fireman, but as a chief and leader lacks in total credibility. The way overtime is handed out only shows that he is helping to bump up he retirement of the soon to retire firemen by thousands of taxpayers dollars. There is a belief that hey will all get their turn is the OT merry-go-round, but the fact is, the tier 6 firemen will never see that benefit. The new anti padding law passed and signed by he governor will not allow tier 6 employees to add any more than $15,000 to their retirement benefits, and they will now have to go for the last 5 years instead of 3. If I were a tier 6, I would tell the tier 5's to stick their $50.00 they pay for the OT and start taking their share of the OT, because it will all be ending when all the tier 5's retire.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Fire Chief
I asked a few weeks ago if anybody knew what was going on with Minetto's Fire Chief well here you go.
Stole $20,000 from the fire department. I'm going to guess he possibly stole more since he's being held with no bail. Coinsedently though he just bought a piece of property behind his own for $20,000. Don't believe me? Here's the property taxes. Coincident? You should take a drive by his property to check it out. Constantly cars & trucks are being 'stored' there and then disappear. Camper was there for a whole summer now that's gone. I even seen the Minetto's fire truck pull up to his vacant property hook on a utility trailer with all the fireman in it and take off. Now Minetto Fire Dept has plenty of property to store at their station. Why would they use his? I offend wondered why a property owner who only has 1/4 acre of grass need a 0 point turn lawn mower? Probably the fire departments.


                                                                                                                    July 2/14




Reporting Welfare Fraud
If you suspect, or have knowledge of a social services client fraudulently receiving assistance from Public Assistance, Food Stamps or Home Energy Assistance (HEAP), you should report it to the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.




Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force 



Secret Service Electronic Crime Task Force




RE: Oswego Corruption
Here are some places you should send your complaints.
Do not waste your time with the county DAs office.

Office of the State Comptroller

Division of Investigations
59 Maiden Lane
30th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10038
212-383- 2502



Office of the State Comptroller
Division of Investigations
110 State Street

Albany, N.Y.   12236-0001


New York State Office of the Attorney General
Public Integrity Unit
120 Broadway, 22nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10271



New York State Reigonal Office of the Attorney General
615 Erie Boulevard West, Suite 102
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone Number: (315)448-4800

Consumer Frauds Number: (315)448-4848
Fax Numers:
(315)448-4853 (Main Number)
(315)448-4851 (Consumer Frauds Bureau)
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday

United States Justice Department
Organized Crime & Racketeering
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

Federal Bureau of Investigation
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

New York State Police
1220 Washington Avenue
Building 22
Albany, NY 12226-2252


New York State Police
Fulton, NY

6 East 12th Street,

Fulton, NY 13069



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