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Follow this link and see how Joanne and Jeffrey Bateman screwed their friends and neighbors.



Today's Quote  June 29/15

“Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

fire dept.
The OFD needs to be taken down to 9 man shifts with 7 guys working and no ambulance and no code enforcement.
This would more than off set the so called lost revenue the ambulance generates and reduce costs that are never discussed by the OFD for example maintenance costs fuel costs replacement costs overtime pensions training insurance. If the comparison is to the Fulton fire dept. the only reason they have an 8 man minimum is because way back when they got it in contract if it wasnt in contract theyd have 5 guys working. Smarten up Councilors and Citizens the OFD is going to spin information in a way that benefits them not the tax payers. Call your councilors demand the privatization of the ambulance and turn codes over to an actual codes dept. Your paying taxes for an ambulance and manning that does nothing but give scuz balls taxi rides to syracuse and oswego hospitals. Its a fire dept. that barely runs 10 fires a year.

Fed up tax payer
                                                                                                                          June 29/15

Fulton P D lawsuit
If it's so important to you why don't you call him and ask? Make sure
you identify yourself so he'll know who is so concerned about him, I'm
sure he'll appreciate your interest.
                                                                                                                          June 29/15






Today's Quote  June 28/15

"Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line.

They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown."
Ross Perot

In Reference to FULTON PD Lawsuit
Can anyone tell me if Fulton PD officer HOLLENBECK is related to the INCESTUOUS PEDOPHILE CLAN of Hollenbecks that once infested the Worden Rd dump in Minetto? Go to NYS DOC inmate lookup. ALL the Hollenbecks listed as sex offenders are from Worden Rd!! Charlie, Danny, etc.,etc.
Is he Fultons' next lawsuit? How bout it kids anyone have something to share?
Just Wondering
                                                                                                                          June 28/15

FFA Student Welders: Pre-Register by July 29 for Empire Farm Days Contest
Seneca Falls, NY – July 29 is the pre-registration date for students interested in competing in the New York State FFA Welding Contest at the 2015
Empire Farm Days at Rodman Lott and Son Farms in Seneca Falls, NY.

Students compete as teams of two or individually for certificates. Active FFA students will be scored and compete for $2,250 in scholarship funds:
$1,000 for 1st Place, $750 for 2nd Place, $500 for 3rd Place from Morrisville State College. Awards are also presented for High Team performance.

Each student must perform three welds with two different types of welding equipment provided by Haun Welding. Contestants also complete a metal identification quiz and multiple-choice quiz, and are judged on professional appearance, attitude, preparedness and safety.

Contest sponsors include Haun Welding and Briggs and Stratton Power Products of Munnsville, NY.

To pre-register for the Thursday, August 13 competition, contact contest coordinators Johanna Bossard, 315-824-6386, jbossard@hamiltoncentral.org, or Professor Fred Bach at Morrisville State College, 315-684-6299, bachfw@morrisville.edu. A list of equipment to bring to the contest will be provided. Students may also register on-site at 9 am on contest day.

The New York State FFA 4-H Tractor Safety Contest will also be held on Thursday, August 13 at the largest outdoor agricultural trade show in the Northeast. Learn more at www.empirefarmdays.com.

. NYS FFA Welding Contest Coordinators:
Johanna Bossard, 315-824-6386, jbossard@hamiltoncentral.org, Fred Bach, Morrisville State College, 315-684-6299, bachfw@morrisville.edu
. Empire Farm Days Manager Melanie Wickham: 877-697-7837, mwickham@empirefarmdays.com
. EFD Publicist Kara Lynn Dunn, 315-465-7578, karalynn@gisco.net

The New York State FFA Welding Contest individual winners at the 2014 Empire Farm Days were:
Hadley Palmerton, Pioneer Central School, Yorkshire, NY
Jake Eisel, South Lewis Central School, Turin, NY
Brandon VanCuren, Sherman Central School, Sherman, NY.

High team honors in 2014 went to Hadley Palmerton and Kameron Fisher, Pioneer Central School.
                                                                                                                          June 28/15

Billy's 16 year old
More and more is coming out about Billy. The 16 year old he was dating (when he was 22) who is now 18, graduated from OHS. She was a big girl's softball player, has a sister who is 22 (which he also dated until he decided to get hooked up with the16 year old) and lives on the East side of town by the race track.
There is a lot more to come out on Billy. Why can't she show up at Billy's parents house until after 10:00 P.M.? Seems like we have seen this act before in Oswego politics. Does JJG sound familiar?
                                                                                                                          June 28/15

Who Cares and Secret Formulas
Do you remember in the late 70's when Heids', for a brief period of time, switched from Hoffman hot dogs to Meir and Ranz ? Meir and Ranz made a Coney full of black and white pepper they called a "White Hot". I used to order mine burned to a crisp and they were delicious. Who cares. The secret spice in most hot dogs and baloney is basil. The secret flavor in Juicy Fruit Gum is artificial black walnut extract.Bazooka Bubblegum is cherry/lemon flavored. P.Cubensis mushrooms do not grow this far north.One of the biggest Whitetail bucks in NYS lives on SUNY Oswego property.Please don't shoot him,you'll go to Elmira,not the County Jail. Nearly every animal native to NYS was larger than average on Rice Creek Field Station property than anywhere else,at least in this County. The crayfish were the size of giant prawns and the fresh water mussels were the size of Cohaug clams.I saw 5lb bullfrogs that sound like cows (yes,I weighed one it was like 4 1/2 lbs). This was true back in the 70's when I lived on an adjacent property, also on Rice Creek.I spent every day for 15 years "trespassing" and knew every tree and animal on sight.I never hunted or even picked a flower. I recall there was a Marten den which was remarkable because there were not supposed to be any here.My dog stuck her head in and the Marten bit the end of her nose off.I remember a White Ash tree bigger around than any tree on the property 2-300 years old? Can anyone update me on the current ecological health of the Field Station?
Walden Pond
                                                                                                                          June 28/15




Today's Quote  June 27/15

"You cannot make yourself feel something you do not feel,

but you can make yourself do right in spite of your feelings."
Pearl S. Buck

Midtown Plaza pics
Thanks for the Midtown Plaza pics. Can someone tell me what they plan to do with that corner?
I haven't lived in Oswego for over 30 yrs. Regardless of what they are going to do...it would be nice to see a green area there.
That corner could be an all grass mini park area with a X cross walk with a big water fountain in the middle of it.
I know East Park is just across the way there...but this is a better area.
Would be a nice first impression when coming into town on 481 from Syracuse area.
They could have mobile vendors there in the summer for those who work downtown and want a quick lunch outside.
Could also be another venue or area for live entertainment during the summer.
Maybe a welcome center booth with information and brochures for tourists and visitors?
                                                                                                                          June 27/15

I have not followed it that closely but there has been talk about some kind of low income housing.
The last thing we need is more outdoor entertainment, speaking of which the people at W. *th & Bridge St. seem to be in for a quiet summer as the State seems to have closed down Green’s Ale House.


Think about this when voting
Fireperson gets hired at the age of 20 yrs. Old, can retire at the age of 40 ( 20 years of service )with halfpay. Do not know how the health ins. works . So a fireperson in the city of Oswego, ny can serve 20 years, and yet, draw a pension of half of the annual salary ,until the day that they die, ( for example, retired at 40, ( worked at job for 20 years )lives to be 90 years of age, so drawing a check for 50 years, when only worked 20 years? And at HALF PAY! )$ 30,000.00 ( avg. would be $ 60,000.00 a year ) a year x 50 years = 1’500,000.00 ( 30,000.00 x 50 years = 1,500,000.00 ) And will not get into the health insurance cost for employee and does it carry to the spouse after death? Do you people realize if the fire chief retires now ( do not know about the health ins. cost) that the taxpayers will have to pay half of his salary for the rest of his life? At the moment 54,000.00 a year, and do not know if it continues to spouse and siblings. And yet, it is lack of to see all the monies spent for the next one hundred years, and yet the man who wanted to buy the cahill building, you know, rhe one who has the building across from stoney’s parts store, is building a bar in the basement, with no permit insight! And yet ,Joe Blow cannot replace his front porch!
                                                                                                                          June 27/15

Railroad Building
First it reverted to the city as did many railroad properties.Joe bought it at a tax auction in the 80's I think
Joe thought it was a great building but sadly never got around to restoring it. he did have Carl Irwin( one of oswego's best carpenters fix The roof!
The railroad as I recall acquired the property through eminent domain
And as such it would be susceptible to reclamation by the aires . A big risk
Similar to if someone left a 1957 chevy vette
At an auto shop died and the owner of said auto shop restored it,and a descendent showed up title in hand and towed away. The shop wd be out the repair cost.
This property isn't exactly clear title as the story I heard goes. thank Joe Castaldo for saving the building this long and yes this is a wonderful old building. no profit in fixing it but wouldn't it be wonderful to see it restored.
Politicians rarely fix old buildings other than the library which was another example of greed trumping morality
And the best financed restoration in this submitters memory as well as fantastic job is Sheldon Hall
There is a building with a great roof system thanks to state money!!!
                                                                                                                          June 27/15


It Never Fails

Everytime the firemen get a blackeye they start crying about the police of the dpw.


                                                                                                                          June 27/15

Re: A place to vent
I agree to disagree. A non- voter has the right to vent. It is to light a fire under your tax paying ass and see that all is not well in Oz. The people that have their wallets open, so this city (Council and Mayor) can just blatantly take, are just as stupid as the council! If no one lights a fire under your asses, then this city is certainly doomed. As well, why would one vote for the best of the worst??? It would be a stupid vote! I would never vote for anyone, if I thought that they weren't up to the challenge. Politics is ugly, and is not intended to be. No one wants to work together, and it is all about their agendas, not the welfare of the city. Until someone sounds as if they are in it for the better of all and not partied to help only the party, it would be a wasted vote, and a waste of time. Until you rise up and raise hell, the council and mayor will conduct business as usual and at the meetings only. Has there been anyone who has done their homework and tried to work out problems, then go forward? No, the meeting are the only time that anyone works! It's bullshit! This fire dept. is out of control and you allow it! As a writer mentioned, the police dept. is also out of control! Drug agents driving $100,000 Cadillac Escalades...that every knows is the police??? Why not a piece of shit impounded vehicle, changed up regularly? It would keep the druggies wondering???? Regular cops driving $75,000 Tahoes and Blazers, seriously? And, it has been heard that they want a vehicle for every officer? Are you kidding me? This city is not a large one and has minimal crimes! Why do you allow this??? And, mentioning the police...what happened to protecting the people? These vehicles do not stand out at all. Someone in need of an officer can't tell that they may be near, because of the design of the vehicles. Hell, you can't even see the lights on the damn vehicles! You should really open your eyes to this, because it will soon be a policing state. Not here to protect you, but here to control you! Everyone's a fu**ing hero, or a terrorist! Control isn't that far away people. But, you live in your nice house with picket fence and bury your head in the sand! Laws and ordinances are broke everyday for the ones, one knows! That is the political realm in this city! There are no standards and hasn't been, because no one really gives two shits. You must unite and take over this city! I'm not saying, blow up city hall, I'm saying unite as one and don't take any shit from city hall. A fire needs to be lit under asses, and if I can piss you off enough to do just that, then there is a vote for the city, not another want to be, vanity filled, do nothing son of a bitch. And, that is exactly what we have now, and that is what you keep voting in. If you don't come together soon, then Ozwego will be like "The Carter," in the movie New Jack City, but under control of police! You are a small city with big entities that are given anything they want, and do anything they want! Code Enforcement run by the fire dept...un-fu**ing believable! They could send them to school for two years and they still wouldn't know as much as a contractor, electrician, plumber, etc. Just stupidity! No one has a half a brain that is part of this cities political channels! Surrounded by water, our biggest asset, and nothing!!! Your gov't spending all this money on our outside break walls...because of hurricane Sandy. The fu**ing storm didn't even come close to Ozwego, but there is a few million dollars to go to waste. Hey, there might be an ice storm next year that will cripple Ozwego, let's look into floating space heaters...wtf! That's the goddamn thinking in this town, and other gov't entities! Don't start taking care of problems that exist, let's put our thoughts together for other political agenda bullshit! You have a council that has a President and Vice President for christ sakes. You pay them more money for that entitlement. What are their hours? They have an office...hours please. They don't do a fu**ing thing, but take more of your money!!! Again I ask you, what homework has anyone done outside of the weekly meetings? By this time, every council member should have had a budget worked out for the fire dept., a list of everything wrong in their areas, have met with every household in their areas, and presented this to the rest of the council and mayor. Has anyone knocked on your door? Has any council member done anything? Some of the writers on this site have done more than anyone of the council members. Shows that some do care, but that is not enough. People need to unite and voice it. I'll help, as I help this city in anyway I can, be it picking up litter or calling one out on their thoughts or inputs and trying to open their eyes to what is going on, voicing city ordinances to those who don't know what they are, or bitching at them, because it continues to happen. Trust me, sooner or later, they will understand and hopefully change for the better. Sometimes, all you need to do is talk about things and voice your opinion, but your opinion had better make sense and be plausible. Not just a thought at the moment. Otherwise, yes, it is just a bitch fest! WE can change this city for the better, but we must unite. Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Independant. Party affiliation is a waste of your tax dime. Do you get that? I hope we can come together as a people, voter or not. We can, we just need to do it! Any thoughts on saving Our city? Please, I'm all ears, and will help this sinking ship, but it's going down fast. We need to act quickly, or we'll lose our fascination with yesteryears. A thing of the past, that we all remember this city once was, a great city!
                                                                                                                          June 27/15





Today's Quote  June 26/15

“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”
George Orwell

A place to vent ( rant )
People need a place to let off steam ( this web site ) also, when people are letting off frustration, it sometimes will make other people think and maybe get involved! Going to council meetings, calling the mayors office, there aldermen, etc. Challenge what does not seem right, because it probadly is not. And the comment from yesterday, and a great one, is Vote for the person you think that can do what is right for the people, not that all important road cut for having 25’-00” of curb on w 5th street near the lake fixed. After all, that monies spent on man time and materials is far more important( sarcasm ) than to fix trip hazards on the side walks ( people of young and old walk on sidewalks, not curbs) . The Doctor who wrote to the pall-times yesterday said many things right, The city of Oswego is like a sailboat with a broken mast. The city officials, are standing on shore and looking the otherway.
                                                                                                                          June 26/15

Fulton pays $82,500 to settle claim over cop's beating of handcuffed prisoner

If Dito Dunsmoors beatings had been reported Oswego would be paying for the next 20 years.


                                                                                                                          June 26/15

I think the only time he ever won a fight was when the other guy was in handcuffs.






Today's Quote  June 25/15

“The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life.

It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started.”
Norman Cousins

Minetto Town Hall
Have you ever seen such goings on as in the town of Minetto. The Town clown, Stupervisor Bud "no Brain" Dodds is trying to act like he knows everything, making statements of fact, which couldn’t be any closer to the truth than he has a college degree. He is so gun hoe with all his talk about getting the lawns mowed is it because he can personally gain from putting it out to bid. Most people dont know he mows all the high grass for the city of oswego. I dont think that falls under the Tree business he runs. I can see the contract being awarded and then sub contracted to his pocket. Then Closing Gray Rd because of trees. Same situation. He has a tree business. Now any "honest " person in an elected position should abstain for these two situations. Enough said for that..... It appears that the remaining board members are trying to do the right thing. But have to keep fending off the poisionous SNAKE Dodds. Weather the storn till Dec 31 then the little man will fade away .

theres hope yet....
                                                                                                                          June 25/15

Forget Colemans
While we are all paying attention to the fate of the Colemans' building (which will likely have to be torn down after all is said and done) let's not forget other historical properties,that have a chance at renovation, before it's too late for them as well. The property that first comes to mind is the old railroad freight office on W Utica St that soon will be as far gone as the Colemans' property.Does Mr Costaldo still own the building? Why is he not held accountable for the condition of his property which has been abandoned and deteriorating for 30 YEARS!! There are 2 words that could save that historical piece of real estate, EMINENT DOMAIN !! Ed can you find out if all current taxes have been paid on this property,or is this one of those dirty deals from Mike Parkers' days as tax assessor that was removed from the tax rolls? Is this property on the National Registry of Historic Places and if not who can see to it that it is?

Just Wondering
                                                                                                                          June 25/15

You can look up the Tax info on the County Real Property web page.

cahill building
Good job Aldermen, ask a non construction group, what to do next? The building is not protected, and who wants to spend 4 to 6 mil on this. Let alone asbs. Search, ground search, army corp of eng. Getting involved! And what about the nice building on east Utica street between 2nd and 3rd street ? Save cahill building and keep it close to what is was, remember slate roof, but also has to do all re:floor, re : roof, re: slate roof, window proper replacement and door. 6 to 8 mil. should do it ! Does anybody want to see this amt. of money put into this?, since it will have to come out of taxpayers pockets, since it is not on the protected list. Once again, aldermen , no guts, but yet, if A. Pauldine owned the building, all he (or she ) would have to do, is gut and put all the construction garbage, and the city would take it away, thanks to the mayor, aldermen, making the city look good committee,or how can the city bring in more revenue, since the city is a business now, and the taxpayers are part of a nonexistence income.
Rental, bad land sales, and going after the private land owner, is the way to control them. And please aldermen, lets bring in more low income housing, no jobs, and every taxpayer has to pay a parking permit to park in there OWN driveway!
                                                                                                                          June 25/15

Now that it seems that everyone has had a rant about this, I feel I have to say a little something. with that here it is.
! when the city prepares a budget...(key word) BUDGET, that is the guidelines that department heads are to run there departments at or BELOW.
A budget is a quantitative expression of a plan for a defined period of time. It may include planned sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, costs and expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows. It expresses strategic plans of business units, organizations, activities or events in measurable terms

2. What chief McCrobie asked for is nothing more than what was budgeted to his department, the council took 200k and essentially held it hostage till needed, all he asked for was what was BUDGETED to him.

3 WHY is it that there has been NO mention of the 950+k that was given to the police dept for RAISES. Tory does a good job but a million dollars....WHY ?

So now the rant....how is it that the chief can say on the record "we are in line to hit the 345k in overtime" That's like saying there is no accountability for the spending.
There has to be a definitive number of dollars needed to run the fire dept.for 1 year... the X factor....It costs this much a year without overtime to run that department.
Giving someone 345k for overtime is redundant year after year. There are several people within the department that make in excess of 90k a year, now looking at other cities our size with similar tenure do not exceed 60 k a year with exceptions of the chief, and asst chief....so with that we now have to throw in the code enforcement piece....The problem could be solved in this opinion by simply removing that from the fire dept completely, offering positions to those in the fire dept that might want to do JUST that, nothing more. But seperate from the fire department...that means leave the department for a lateral move. The monies collected from codes, permits, and other monies collected should be going to the general fund...they are doing the work at the scale they have achieved with the department....in most cases over 25 $ per hour....did we pay that much when the department was in place or overtime....NOT to salaried employees. Looking at all the factors of this has enlightened me to say that the CODE enforcement dept needs to be put back in place. even if we just took the 345k in overtime away and used it for code enforcement....that would be 7 full time salaried employes at 35k each and 1 department head making 50k====295k that have to live in the city limits, their salaried so NO OVERTIME and with Obama care that still leaves 50k to pay any residuales , it also mean that department heads have to run the departments tight. Lets face it we are in tough economic times and a firemen that make 130k a year for a city this size seems to be a whole lot higher than the normal in compairson, don't bash the council, the mayor of anyone else...look in the mirror and ask yourself this...AM I DOING ALL I CAN TO HELP...and that goes for all the city employees, who go on city paid trips for meetings, and seminars, and come back and do absolutly nothing with the information they got...thats a real waste of taxpayers money. When returning for these trips there should be a follow up by the mayor for information, a plan for implementation of that information and followed thru with to comletetion, otherwise we are merely sending these people on a mini vacation at the taxpayers expense
                                                                                                                          June 25/15

Tax Exempt Properties in Oz
Ed, Can you supply the NYS Organized Crime Task Force with a list of all tax exempt properties in Oz ?
The owners names and who gave them the sweet deals should set off all the red flags needed for them (the Task Force) to become more actively involved in Oz politics. Even the slightest connections to the Todaro family in Buffalo could help the citizens of Oz reclaim their city.

Still Wondering
                                                                                                                          June 25/15

The majority are the hospital, churches and of course the school district.

Pall- Times
If anyone has the chance, please look at weds. edition of the Pall-Times, and read the editorial page!
                                                                                                                          June 25/15

I am guessing there one would find a letter from a local doctor politely telling Gilligan he is a looser.





Today's Quote  June 24/15

“If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.”
David Ogilvy

Welcome to Ozwego, city of dwarfs.

Is Billy Barlow who he Claims to be?
Arizona State University is a prestigious college and it has a very large campus. It also has the reputation to be a party college and puts SUNY Oswego to shame in the drinking category.
                                                                                                                          June 24/15

Prison worker smuggled tools to killers in hamburger meat

                                                                                                                          June 24/15

Defending Oswego
Dear Editor:

The City of Oswego should see to the construction of a fleet of Monitor-type ironclads consisting in number of no fewer than six and no more than twelve such vessels.

The Monitor-type ironclad is a proven class of warship which has given sterling service in a score of navies since the commissioning of John Ericsson’s original Monitor into the United States Navy in 1862. Ericsson’s prototype was built, incidentally, in the astonishing short period of five months between September 1861, when the keel was laid, and January 1862, when the hull was launched. With the application of modern material science it should prove easy to reduce even this impressively short requirement of building-time.

Currently, with Fort Ontario long-since demilitarized and domesticated, Oswego stands effectively helpless against water-borne bombardment, blockade, amphibious raids, or acts of adventurous acquisition against our boating citizens by privateers on Lake Ontario. While none of the Canadian ports facing Oswego across Lake Ontario today possesses a naval force capable of such operations, the possibility that one or more of them, acting perhaps in collusion, might swiftly acquire an armada, and use it to gain leverage over our fair city, should alarm even the most complacent.

Once in possession of a Monitor-based nautical arm, Oswego would be in a position not only to insure its civic security against avaricious foreign meddling, but also to extend its power over the lake as far as the Canadian shore, should this prove necessary or profitable, or even westward to the polities around Sodus Bay and Irondequoit Bay, whose ill-concealed perfidy and imperialism should be objects of our eternal vigilance. Let our motto be: Pultneyville delenda est!

The Oswegonian Monitor-fleet could be financed by subscription, beginning with a fund-raiser in the schools. Building the armada would create hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, whose beneficiaries would return a fair portion of their earnings to the local economy by way of the usual consumer-expenditures.

A flotilla of smaller, river-Monitors might subsequently be built to police the State Canal and the navigable portions of the river, so as to forestall any aggressive action by the probable alliance of Minetto and Fulton.

Very sincerely yours,

Longtime Oswego Resident and Patriot
                                                                                                                          June 24/15

Barlow-Cloonan ticket
It’s no secret that if Barlow is elected, Jim Cloonan will be his city administrator. Ed, if Barlow wins, does this mean you will revive Cloonanville?
                                                                                                                          June 24/15

Dannemora prison needs cameras, inmate Gary Thibodeau says in wake of murderers' escape


                                                                                                                          June 24/15

ambl. service
The city is not in a business to make money! Mr. Kaplewicz, please lets look at math this way, 24 hrs. ( a day ) times 7 days = 168 ( hours in a week ) 168 x 52 ( weeks in a year, in case you are on HUD, welfare, or do not own a calulactor, or a pen and paper ) . A city has to pay ( per hour scale, and benefits, health ins. And worker comp, unemployment insurance, liability insurance, also vacation time, sick day time, etc) and will go into later why the citydoes not have to keep paying for pension , health , and it is a city sign off on health insurance after 62.5 . But do the math of 100.00 per hour times 168 = 16,800.00 per week. And if you have around the clock ambl. personal, that would be 168 times four =67,200.00 per week , That would be what the taxpayers would be charged ( for the week ) Now, lets take 67,200.00 (Per week ) times 52 = 3,494,400.00 That is not including cost of ambl. or what a ambl. call is charged. Keep in mind, two people = 200.00 per hour, what is the charge of a call ? Lets say 350.00 ,already in the hole of 150.00, but if you can answer two calls in a hour, that is 700.00 – 200.00 = 500.00 , but cannot exceeded more than 12.5 mins. per call and to allow travel time either back to fire house or food run. So Mr. Kap. Once again, If you think that the city has to lean on monies coming in, the city, by law, cannot make money. But YOU people keep calling it revenue! Why don’t you think that HARBORFEST goes under another name!
                                                                                                                          June 24/15

city of oswego charging for services
Start charging everytime a fire dept. gets called to a fire ,accident, false report, people in trouble in river, low on food, slow day, making up new rules and fees so the aldermen ( who are terrible at business and math ) have something to do or say on a slow news day or someone is going or not going to run for the position to rep. the taxpayers. It should be included as some of the qualified rules: math, English, read a day planner, know when someone is lying to you, know what a taxpayer is, and when people are the legal age to vote !
                                                                                                                          June 24/15

Save the railroad building
A public drive could save the railroad building and once done
The revenue it makes can be used to buy one way tickets out of oz
For the degenerates that would keep this great place from the heights it could achieve!
                                                                                                                          June 24/15






Today's Quote  June 23/15

"If you're going to tell people the truth, be funny or they'll kill you."
Billy Wilder

Billy Barlows' Sound Bites

In other words the perfect puppet.
Young William, a slumlord himself, will accelerate the "ghettoization" of Oz, for his own personal financial gain, so fast that basketball courts will sprout like a stinkhorns on every street corner over night.

P.S. Barclay, Katko,and Ritchie don't forget to ask him about his Uncle Cecile and the "Mummy Girl"
                                                                                                                          June 23/15

re; Mid-Town Plaza
Amen – glad someone has finally seen what he really is up to.

Gillen is nothing more than self-serving and I finally glad to see some people are starting to wake up and see it.

The midtown center deal - it is commercial property, it should stay commercial property. Making it residential with low income housing is only going to deter businesses from coming in. Being it is low income housing – will the city even see any tax money from it – or will they be not for profit and not pay any taxes. I am asking that question – because if it is not for profit the rest of the citizens of this city will have to absorb the loss in tax revenue, like we are doing for the hospital – every time they expand that parking lot.

Good bye Mr. Gillen – the taxpayers have had enough, your self-serving deals with your wife’s company need to stop!
                                                                                                                          June 23/15

Fw: Alert-Sex Offender relocation notice
NY Alert is sending this notice because you registered to receive notification when an offender moves into or out of your requested area. We are notifying you of a move into/out of the area you specified. TIMOTHY J PATERNOSTER has moved from Oswego County Jail 39 Churchill Road, Oswego, NY 13126 to NYS DOCCS Elmira Correctional Facility 1879 Davis Street, Elmira, NY 14901

Please access the Sex Offender Sub-directory from the Division of Criminal Justice Services website by clicking on the following link for additional details for this move. Thank you. http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/SomsSUBDirectory/offenderDetails.jsp?offenderid=41148


democrats playing games
it has been my displeasure to have been used by the current mayoral runner Amy
with city endorcement in and, one day and so back door dealing gone the next you would better served to list all things fishy with this cities election
this town has gotten way out of hand and fisting just one side of the isle is catamount to bias on your part
in the comming months you will hear and see what this election season has brought folks to
                                                                                                                          June 23/15

RE: dumpster on sidewalk
Taxpayers are complaining, I have been complaining and making phone calls, BUT, the aldermen, mayor, fire dept. police dept are not listening to taxpayers, They are shoving, they know more than us reasoning! The fire dept. has gotten a green ticket to go and do what they think, from who’s or what authority? Heck. The dumpster was not even put on planks, to protect the sidewalk. Out house’s Still on sidewalk and one is tip over at west 3rd street, near Utica.
                                                                                                                          June 23/15

The Old Price Chopper Property
Interesting the city would sell such a prime parcel
Maybe the few tax payers in city can cast some
disdain to the persons allowing that valuable
property to be given to port!
Hamill still rippin us off
                                                                                                                          June 23/15

Sutton vs Broadwell
Which deserves mid-town plaza?

                                                                                                                          June 23/15

Just heard squatters have settled into Cahill's and the council is having a big meeting tonight to deal with the problem. Only in oz, this place is a laugh a minute, talk about a clown car.

                                                                                                                          June 23/15

We need a meeting for this?

What do we have heroes for?

What do we have police for?

That sounds more like someone is laying the groundwork for a fire.






Today's Quote  June 22/15

“One always dies too soon - or too late. And yet one's whole life is complete at that moment, with a line drawn neatly under it, ready for the summing up. You are - your life, and nothing else.”
Jean-Paul Sartre

Dumpster on sidewalk at Garafolos
Why is there a dumpster sitting on the sidewalk at Garafolos??? This is illegal in this city! It should be in the road with cones and barricade surrounding it...according to the city. Is it again, who you are? This dumpster has no reason to be on the sidewalk. I'm guessing, so that debris can be thrown from upper apt into said dumpster. So, if something is thrown from above, will there be a flagman protecting those walking, and if missed, could end up in Bridge St causing a possible accident, death, what have you from this blatent stupidity??? This city is so f**ked up! I think I"ll take a stroll and hope to get hit by falling debris, so I can sue the sh!t out of this city! Hell, apparently the taxpayers could give two shits. Yes, you the taxpayers are the stupidest mother f**kers I've ever seen, letting this city go to hell! You are to blame for not sticking up for yourselves! Idiots! And, said dumpster will break the flags (sidwalk), and probably already has. Again, taxpayers will pay. Un-f**king believable!
                                                                                                                          June 22/15


Mid-Town Plaza
You are correct about the reclaimed steel. The contractor will break even just in the sale of the steel. One thing you forgot, Mayor Tom Gillen's wife brokered that deal and the Gillen Family will get a tidy sum ($) in their bank account for that back door deal.
I find it funny that Gillen can not understand why the Democrat Party doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Maybe his wife can finance his write-in campaign with the commission for the deal for the Mid-Town Plaza sale.

                                                                                                                          June 22/15

Increased Property Assessments
Gillen is really a fool! If he things increased property assessments are an accomplishment he needs to stop smoking those "roaches". Increased assessments are not property sales, just an number calculated by the Assessor's Office to increase how much more taxes you can pay on a property that will sell for well under the assessed value. By increasing the assessments, they can raise taxes, and avoid violating the 5% tax cap the city residents voted in.
Sue Deary is pushing up assessments illegally all over the city, and is ignoring the slumlords properties. Must be those late night rendezvous with Cloonan are clouding her sense of right and wrong.
Last year (2014-2015) the city value dropped by over $40,000,000. Wonder what the city value will be on this years budget? Any bets it is up by $75,000,000? You might want to take note of this when they do the 2015-2016 Budget! This will cost the average taxpayer an additional $100+ on their tax bill.
                                                                                                                          June 22/15

If the massacre in Charleston- or any number of similar events in recent U.S. history- had been committed by a foreign invader, we would go to war. How many billions will we spend fighting institutionalized racism? How many American lives are we willing to risk to protect America from that? I hear you out there saying, "But it's not an institution. There are no leaders. There's no one to attack." Yes there is. You want to flush them out? Here's how to do it: Take down the confederate flag. Take it down on national television. Take it down for an hour. A day, if you can stand it. A week would be nice. I don't want to talk about whether it's right or wrong. It's the least we could do, a gesture that would mean more than words.
Then watch the organization reveal itself. The leaders would be obvious immediately. They would in fact be invited to speak on the nightly news. You might be surprised to find out that they already sit behind the news desk. They are in some of our nation's highest offices. They are on the school board. They will not have enough humility to sit on their hands, not even for ten minutes. Every day and night, my news feed is full of vicious attacks on conservatives and liberals, socialists and capitalists. Where are the vicious attacks on the racists? Conservatives, liberals, socialists and capitalists all have useful ideas and contribute to our society. Racists have no good ideas. Where is the relentless campaign against them? Who will threaten to move out of the country if the racists are elected? Who will run on an anti-racist platform? No one.
Sometimes when I'm far from home and I see the rebel flag... and this is so terrible I need to take a breath before I type it... I think we live in a terrorist country. A terrorist state that doesn't threaten me. It threatens the descendants of the people who built Charleston and made it the richest city in the South. When I get pulled over by the police, it doesn't even cross my mind that they might kill me if I argue with them. The flag doesn't bother me at all, not in my gut, not in my deeper psyche. But it's time.
"Take down the flag. Take it down now. Put it in a museum. Inscribe beneath it the years 1861-2015. Move forward. Abandon this charlatanism. Drive out this cult of death and chains. Save your lovely souls. Move forward. Do it now." - Ta-Nahisi Coates
It doesn't threaten your heritage. You take off your hat for a lady. You clean the shit off your boots before you walk into a church. It's just a matter of respect. Admit that your perspective might feel right and be wrong. Take it down, South Carolina.
                                                                                                                          June 22/15

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who the hell you are talking about. ANY reader of this site could do that. Your ramblings are very scary and anyone you are talking about should be very scared of you. You spew hatred, contempt and hopefully someday you will get the help that all of us can see you need. Move on life is precious. If you have a problem with Dr. Ram then it is just that YOUR problem. Now you are no longer worthy of any of my time.

On another note Billy Barlow sounds like another John Gosek.....
                                                                                                                          June 22/15

building inspections
So when the fire dept. went to a community college for there basic six week course on how to build a storage shed, what is the difference between a front porch and a side porch? And what is the right way , the right height, the right color, the right size,proper location, making sure that the press is there and taking pictures, keeping aldermen away from the press that actually might ask important questions that these people do not want to be standing next to a 5th grader or the super of schools for Oswego, ny. My money is on the the 5th graders, after all, more smarts and a lot more backbone. As Mel Brooks said in the movie “Blazing Saddles”, Gentleman, we must save our” Phoney Boloney Jobs” ! And that is what has happen to the mayor, aldermen, fire dept. building and the accounting class they took on how to bring in monies, without knowledge,and to learn how to razzle dazzle with bull sh!t. Heck, not even the aldermen were able to figure it out, they are still thinking about there 5th grade class!
                                                                                                                          June 22/15

Wrong George
Boy have you got it all wrong George. A IS nuts!! She has brought O.H. down to its lowest levels.
Just ask the good people who have been let go. She has ruined Behavioral Services. One nurse told
me it’s not about patient care any more but about how much $$ you bring in. Nice. Also P may leave someday
but she will have the last laugh. No I am not related and never have worked for her.
If A takes over she will have to spend LOTS of $$ to do it.
P may have had hired some idiots but don’t under estimate her. You are stupid!

Ol’ Oswego Boy
                                                                                                                          June 22/15





Today's Quote  June 21/15

“Truth made you a traitor as it often does in a time of scoundrels.”
Lillian Hellman

So Stupid
It's an idiot that would name a person. such as a doctor. in a posting. There hasn't been a doctors name mentioned until your stupidity brings it forward, stupid !
Oswego Health has hurt a lot of people, but Ann is not nuts. On the other hand, the other business owner has hurt many people as well, and is nuts and is very stupid as a business person, fact ! She should come after you, you posted the name and you are probably one of the three letters that have been mentioned, p b m.
Now YOU let the public know who the p is you idiot.
Wait there was a beth mentioned who everyone despises anyway and she is stupid enough to post names as well.
They have FAILED the public, fact, Oswego is taking over, fact, and it's all because of three people, fact. Stupid, Stupider, and Stupidist, fact ! M, B, P.
Thats the order. So go shit in your hat stupid.

                                                                                                                          June 21/15

Gray Road
Does anyone know why Gray Road has been closed for weeks? I work nights and commute and really liked to go that way going home. Its so pretty and I’ve seen lots of different animals. No big deal, just wondering how long the city plans on keeping it closed.
                                                                                                                          June 21/15

Gray Road is in Minetto and there is something going on about the trees on that road.

Is Billy Barlow who he Claims to be?

I have read a couple of articles about " Billy Barlow" and his alleged back ground, and have to question the qualifications he is throwing around. I would think that the voters of Oswego should know about a person, especially if he wants to be mayor.
1 "Billy" claims to have graduated from Arizona State University, and what I have found out is this university is, it is mostly an on-line college with very low accreditation. Did he attend or was it an on-line degree he has?
2. "Billy" says he works for Assemblyman Barclay, and has the title of "Central New York Regional Director for the Assembly Republican Conference and Assembly Minority" Further investigation shows he is doing fund raising for the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee that is chaired by none other than: "Republican Assembly Campaign Committee Chairman Will Barclay" He is doing fund raising for Barclay's re-election, so much for the big title, he is just another flunky working on a fund raising committee. Look it up on-line under RACC to see just what a flunky he is!
3 It was quoted, “He’s fighting for tougher budgetary oversight, taking code enforcement duties away from Oswego Fire Department and a tax incentive for homeowners to perform improvements and a better winter parking policy. This is a quote from an written article. Here is the truth about his plans.
A) Based on the run-a-way city spending, his oversight seems to be looking at how the slumlords can fund his campaign. A 60% tax increase and he has yet to reduce the budget, especially in the area of the OFD.
B) He voted to give the OFD code enforcement and eliminate the code office, which now costs us considerably more than if he left code dept. alone. He caused the problem and now wants to claim he is going to fix it?
C) "tax incentive for homeowners to perform improvements" something he claims he accomplished, yet it was developed by the Oswego County Legislature, and "Billy boy" plagiarized it as his accomplishment. That is as low as a politician can get when you steal ideas.
D) "Winter Parking Policy" again, a problem he created, now says he wants fix it. He will fix the winter parking problem to appease the landlords who are backing him, so they can rent to as may people that they want and have them park in the street.
E) "Billy" claims to have started a "fried Dough Carnival Concession" in Tempe, but the Tempe Chamber of Commence does not list him as a member, and said they never heard of him. Typical Gypsy operation, in and out of an area before the tax people can catch up with them.

You might want to think about who you want to embrace as your next mayor, and what it will mean if you do not chose wisely. This kid is trying to make himself look like something he is not. The slumlords want him and will spend a lot to advertise him as our savior, and the only thing that will happen is he will give the store away to the slumlords who are backing him. Also, anybody that Cloonan is backing is surely a looser.
                                                                                                                          June 21/15

What great direction
You need a permit to remove garbage, you need a permit to replace already what was there. Landlords that have had dirt driveways for over 30 years, go un touched. Figure this, if a person ( non commercial ) tries to repair, paint or do siding,, they get a vist, when this did not happen years ago, because it did not change structure. So in the new ways of the fire dept. making up new things as they go along, Will try to show that they have increased monies to the city, only trying to offset that monies come in and monies go out, but what they do not list, what is the per hour wage and cost in there package.
And great job selling the midtown plaza, did any of our smart aldermen figure out fair market value, and what the steel was worth in the price of selling? You dumb a$$ gave it away. Please , we must hire a struc. Eng. Every chance we get, able to be on moments call, just like the well trained fire dept. that can show how it can bring monies into Oswego, but will not show how they spent twice as much! And also, nice job of letting the construction outhouses ,at west 4 street, between Utica and Mohawk st., having the johns , right on the side walks, and , the chem.. that they use, when cleaning, STAINS THE CONCRETE!
We need a construction dept. , code dept. ( and not the fire dept. ) And the eng. Answers to the construction dept., and that aldermen, DO NOT ANSWER to the CONSTRUCTION DEPT., GET IT ? What was done about the byrne dairy fire system. Able to contiune bussiness, city was clueless ( code, fire dept., aldermen, mayor and gov. what to do next in procedure ) And we look like a bunch of what should we do next kind of people ,while we get this stuff put right in our faces.
While the real important like, budget ( who is trying to bull sh!t us) Do we really want to help Home owners that want to paint, replace porches, steps, put in Paves driveways, while our aldermen ,look the other way on the landlords who donot pave the driveways. I can tell you of 34 since 1979.
                                                                                                                          June 21/15

mid town
I guess the geniuses in city hall did not have a clue what the scrap steel was worth! This contractor got this property under fair market value, and on top of it, what they are pulling out in scrap, has just about put money back into there pockets. Or say it another way, they got it for free! Nice going, please, pat yourself on the back on this one, you are truly leaders!
                                                                                                                          June 21/15






Today's Quote  June 20/15

“Truth is so obscure in these times,

and falsehood so established, that,

unless we love the truth, we cannot know it.”
Blaise Pascal

'Gillen planning write-in mayoral campaign
Sitting Democratic mayor calls party's support for other candidate a 'sucker punch'

The only suckers are those who thought you would actually do something to clean this cesspool of a city up! The only one who did not see it coming was you or should I say Roxanne. After all she is the one that hold the balls in the family.


He did not see it coming? Take off uyour beer goggles once in a while.

The write in campaign says it all. He could run as an independent but that would mean getting a few hundred signatures. He would have to get off his dead ass and go out and meet some people but like he said the first time around he does not like that because some people were not nice to him. Total effing looser!


"The learning curve is steep"

After 3 1/2 years he still does not know enough of Roberts Rules to conduct a meeting but he had no problem figuring out how to get nice jobs for his friends and relatives.



Dr. Ram
You are a rambling idiot.....who obviously is very bitter about something??? what did they fire your sorry ass cause from the garbage that spews from your mouth I would have too.....Ann Gilpen has run "Oswego Health" into the ground,, firing some employees who deserved it and others with many years of service just cause....they cannot keep doctors there and most Oswegonians would prefer to go to Syracuse in a MENTORS ambulance. Their hiring practices go against everything that EOE stands for. I personally would prefer to go to Urgent Care rather than the ER....they do not leave you hanging for hours like Oswego Health. She did everything she could to not have anything to do with Dr. Sheridan, who is now retiring. She is a great doctor and I for one will miss her very much. So suck it up George and get over yourself...your ramblings are stupid to say the least and I hope that Dr. Ram gets you for defamation of character at the very least....
                                                                                                                          June 18/15

local store
Nice job on the store’s part to clean up the sidewalk and street. Nice job on the city’s part in making sure that they clean up. Also, was the store able to be open to pump gas after the fire suppression system was exhausted? Wow, great leadership. Keep worrying about REVENUE and demolition fees ( which take eight weeks and counting ) and a must have have a permit to have a dumpster, before you can have a building or demo. Fee. And to make sure all taxes are paid. Have valid drivers lic. can spell ones name, and have a favorite baseball team ( from this country) and able to make up ones own rules. Please vote
                                                                                                                          June 20/15

Hush Money?
Am I the only one who thinks that the sweet deal SmegMAgelsky received from DA Oakes was to keep him quiet?
If they had prosecuted him, according to the same laws I thought we were all unaccountable to,he probably would have taken what he knows about the OFD to the States' Attorney. Dirty politics as usual.

Just Wondering
                                                                                                                          June 20/15

Another Pedophile for Mayor?
Billy Barlows' girlfriend was how old when they first had sex? 14?,15? MMMM? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that Gypsy clan. I can see Barclay, Katko and Ritchie scurrying to distance themselves from their ill-conceived nomination. I can imagine Barclays' office saying something to young William like this;
"Billy..remember when we asked you about any skeletons in your closet?..well,it seems you were not quite forthcoming with all the details re: your girlfriend and your Uncles unsavory reputations. Gotta admire the sheer size of the local Republican testicles (and ovaries?)

I still love Oswego, the crooked little city on the lake.
                                                                                                                          June 20/15

byrne dairy
I would like to thank the aldermen,fire dept. and byrne dairy for there concerns over the micro dust that has gone air borne and the kids and adults and as well close to the hospital have had to breath it! Please do not tell anybody that they need permits, engineers and wait two months for any demo permits to replace porch, windows, paint, sidewalks,doors, roof and soon, cut your own lawn. Please post the do’s and don’ts.
                                                                                                                          June 20/15

Headline: Alert-Sex Offender relocation notice
EUGENE S ROWELL has moved from 1095 FLAX ISLAND RD, OTEGO, NY 13825 to 68 E VANBUREN ST, OSWEGO, NY 13126

Please access the Sex Offender Sub-directory from the Division of Criminal Justice Services website by clicking on the following link for additional details for this move. Thank you. http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/SomsSUBDirectory/offenderDetails.jsp?offenderid=25211

MICHAEL SPAGNOLA has moved from 1590 WESTMORELAND AVE, SYRACUSE, NY 13201 to 7794 ST RT 104, OSWEGO, NY 13126

Please access the Sex Offender Sub-directory from the Division of Criminal Justice Services website by clicking on the following link for additional details for this move. Thank you. http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/SomsSUBDirectory/offenderDetails.jsp?offenderid=41988

                                                                                                                          June 20/15





Today's Quote  June 18/15

“My childhood was a period of waiting for the moment

when I could send everyone and everything connected with it to hell.”
Igor Stravinsky

Building Takeover
After all the time a local doctor and her drama queen spent degrading Oswego Health, buying a building for beth and HER prompt care, they have failed with their efforts.
Oswego Health is going to bail them out and take over, which has already begun.
Tenants renting space in the building are being thrown out and oswego health is moving in. St. Joe's imaging will be next, and beth's bullshit prompt care is closing soon, waste of time and money. How stupid !
Oswego Health will straighten out the big mess while P goes away so she don't have to deal with anything which she is good at doing.
If Ann is smart she'll get rid of P, B, and M. All 3 are nothing but trouble and aren;t fit to serve in the medical field.
Loosers !!!!!!!

Does that answer your questions ?

George S,
                                                                                                                          June 18/15

How about the calls ( not visits that the code enforcement had made to the landlords ) to cut the grass or snow removal. Did that have to be a visit from six people driving a red station wagon ? Did monies go up because joe blow did not want to argue, so it was easier to pay the 25.00 , even though the ofd might have been walking seven feet tall, it was faster just to pay the fee and get on with that porch reconstruction, shed rebuild, or the more important, bird feeder placement, weather vane, or hanging flower baskets. This chief, should be wearing at least six badges on his uniform-1. Fire 2.ambl. 3.boating 4. Accounting. 5.code. 6. B!ll sh!t accounting and trying to win an Oscar! Flowers to the actor
                                                                                                                          June 18/15




Today's Quote  June 17/15

"To love what you do and feel that it matters how could anything be more fun?"
Katharine Graham

City is in now to make money
A municipality is not to make money, it is called providing a service, It would be listed as 1. Payroll employee, 2. Expenses,3.health benefits ( health fund) 4. Pension ( pension fund) 5. Health reimbursement account.6. Clothes ( who pays ) also includes shoes, drive time to and from fire station! Ask the chief for a break down of how much it cost the city per hour to have a firefighter on duty? Ask the city if the benefits are straight time or time and a half!
It breaks down as a rule that 25% is hourly wage, the other 75 % is cost. And the chief and aldermen are looking at the rainbow and not the storm that is coming. These aldermen are clueless, probadly do not even now what a cost sheet is. Please, lets keep the boats in the harbor running at any costs so that the ambl. fire dept. can keep there jobs. Forget about saving taxpayers money and providing a service. I will bet that mentor will not have a problem –putting 6 to 8 ambl. In the city. And I would not have a problem putting two of them in the east side firehouse! After all , it is the taxpayers that own the fire house, not the chief, asst. chief, union rep. or the GOV.
It is clear who is making policies and who lacks in proper business, law and backbone skills. The aldermen are clearly not for the taxpayers, and thinking they are doing a world of business or think the taxpayers are dumb. It was clear on the last board of education voting! Really, 26xx. Voted, That is shameful, and with that thinking in mind, they do not care about the taxpayers.
                                                                                                                          June 17/15


How come this is not being reported on the news???
Fox News on the prison break.

                                                                                                                          June 17/15






Today's Quote  June 16/15

"For those of you who don't understand Reaganomics, it's based on the principle that the rich and the poor will get the same amount of ice. In Reaganomics, however, the poor get all of theirs in winter."
Morris K. Udall

Math Problem
I'm want to be sure my math skills are still intact. If a person is 25 years old , and this persons current girlfriend age is 18 years old, and he has been dating her for a little over 2 years, then when he started dating her, she would have been between 15 to 16 years old and he would have been 23 years old.
Is that correct?

Do we have another Gosik seeking public office?
                                                                                                                          June 16/15

If a person defends six people going to the sub shop ( or other ) using taxpayer monies for truck, fuel, and their pay comes from the taxpayers, would you think that maybe with money being tight, or being wasted, that these professionals would keep a low profile as to not rub it in the taxpayer’s faces?
                                                                                                                          June 16/15

Sandra Scott Travels: Binghamton is the Carousel Capital of the World – and Much More


                                                                                                                          June 16/15






Today's Quote  June 15/15

“If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”
Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

Fort Pool
Why is the fort pool not opened?
Did the O.F.D. take the money away from the kids?
                                                                                                                          June 15/15
One of the heroes probably stole the water for his own pool.

Sat. and Sun.
Fire trucks pretty quiet sat. and sun. must be all the aldermen, people that vote, and the mayor are out of town ( no show for them ). I guess there is not anybody that can get “RED DANGER TAPE “ ( fire dept. , clerk of the works, or janitor for the liabrary, or historical soc.) to keep out the public. I guess the press or t.v. crews have to be present for show so that they can all save there phoney boloney jobs! I see people walking every day going right up to the front door of the CITY LIABRAY!
Where is the young lady who is in charge,why is she not out checking on the barricades? Is this a one phone call moma? And no one else follows up on the safety barricades! Boy the professionalism really runs from the mayor, aldermen ,and the fire dept. building enforcement.
But I will say, when it comes down to the fire put outs,ambl. Service, rescue, I do think that the are tops.
                                                                                                                          June 15/15

Sunday morning approximately 10:30 the ambulance went to St. Lukes Apartments on West First St. a short trip from the West Side fire barn? No the ambulance came from the East side. I thought there was supposed to be one stationed on both sides of the river. Maybe that was during their designated time to go shopping. Menter could have been there faster.





Today's Quote  June 14/15

"In the world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called Despair, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die."
Dorothy L. Sayers

Contractors. clerk of works, building inspectors, fire dept.
Do we all have our OSHA 10 and 30 cards ready of inspection to new York state dept. of labor and to OSHA? Fire dept. got your tri-pod stands in order? Have all body safety gear inspected? Hazmat cards in order.Get all of your safety paper ready people, the feds . have been called! It is going to be a long winter!
                                                                                                                          June 14/15

The OFD is very creative when it comes to record keeping.

Oswego Players Acting Classes
Oswego Players is offering Acting Classes for students aged 12-14 on Monday evenings from 7 to 8:30 pm at the Francis Marion Brown Theatre. The classes will be taught by Anne
Raynor,BA Theatre and are suitable for those with or without acting experience. The fee is $90. For information and to register contact Anne at 343 7262.
                                                                                                                          June 14/15






Today's Quote  June 13/15

"The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed."
Jacques Cousteau

West Third Street
This is not yard waste, this is construction action debris. Why should the city even try to haul this away. Also blocks firemen access to house. Where are those boys in there shininy red trucks, oh yea, at britebeck park this morning ( thrus. ) having a meeting at the lakes edge, far away from there three vechiles. Good thing there wasn’t a call, they had a long way to run.
                                                                                                                          June 13/15

Let the finger pointing begin. Shame on the one who pushed to far. You will get what you got coming soon!
                                                                                                                          June 13/15

This guy has been in bed with the Republicans from the get go. If he is running again it is to take votes away from Tresseder and help Barlow.
                                                                                                                          June 13/15

That is exactly what I have been thinking. His wife ran a half assed campaign against Dan Donovan in 2005 for the sole reason of tying up the Democratic endorsement. Once she had done that she sat on her fat ass and let Donovan have it.

Debris on sidewalk:
Yes Ed,
And I am even more infuriated over receiving two threatening warning citations on my CLEAN car, parked on MY neatly landscaped lawn for less than 12 hrs. in violation of the mayor’s new “QUALITY OF LIFE” ordinance!
Oswego (and sweeping the sh!t out of city hall) Luver
                                                                                                                          June 13/15



                                                                                                                          June 13/15

Confined Space Manure Pit Rescue Training Available Free for EMS and First Responder Personnel
Seneca Falls, NY. Emergency responders are being offered a special free training opportunity in August, thanks to a partnership by the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health, the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety and Empire Farm Days, the largest outdoor agricultural trade show in the Northeastern U.S.

The free, four hour Confined Space Manure Pit Rescue Training for emergency services personnel will provides three hours of hands-on experience with the Confined Space Manure Pit Simulator from the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety in Peosta, Iowa. The unit will be at Empire Farm Days August 11-13, 2015.

The specialized training for EMS with National Education Center for Agricultural Safety Director Dan Neenan, a Paramedic Specialist with a Firefighter Specialist degree, will be offered after the show closes on Tuesday, August 11 and Wednesday, August 12 at Rodman Lott and Son Farms in Seneca Falls, NY.

First responders, EMS services, and firefighters interested in the special training must register with NYCAMH Agricultural Safety Specialist Jim Carrabba to obtain entry to the showgrounds and the training area. Carrabba can be reached at 800-343-7527 x2216, jcarrabba@nycamh.com.

Manure pits are dangerous. They can be oxygen deficient, toxic and explosive, generating four different gases that create risk of dizziness, unconsciousness, injury, and death. In the training program, Neenan, a Paramedic Specialist with a Firefighter Specialist degree, will cover how to use breathing apparatus, harnessing, and rigging when responding to manure pit emergencies.

‘On-farm equipment poses a risk for injury or death not only to farmers but to those who respond to accidents on the farm. The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety is pleased to offer this special education opportunity about manure pit hazards to farmers attending Empire Farm Days during the days and after hours to local emergency responders. This training saves lives,’ Neenan said.

Neenan will offer 20 minute safety education demonstrations with the simulator unit every hour all day at the show. Learn more about the event at www.empirefarmdays.com.
                                                                                                                          June 13/15

Drug Task Force Announces Meth Lab Arrests
Ted and Donna jerrett are the owners

                                                                                                                          June 13/15

                                                                                                                          June 13/15

Our city
First off, a aldermen cannot discuss in private how to reduce monies with any depts.. Must be in full council and the mayor present. Two, fire dept. not maintaining proper restriction to the Oswego, ny liabrary. I guess you do what you do for the press, and the paper, since they take pictures, and once there gone, who cares if the yellow tape ( wrong color, suppose to be red ) is blown away by the wind, people can walk into the “ Do Not Enter Zone “ and if someone gets hurt, it is city at fault ( fire dept. ) even though 8 of them are standing at britebeck park, on sidewalk 75 yds. Away from there vechiles. Three, all commercial vechiles over 5,500 lbs, or are used in commercial use, and or have advertisements ( lettering of business ) must have D. O . T. numbers on them! Which means that they must be registered with the state of new York! Which also means that the police dept. is not doing there job. That applies to sno jockeys, landscapers pulling trailers, general contractors using there pick up truck, utility trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks are in violation.

Want to start playing by the rules? GAME ON!
                                                                                                                          June 13/15




Today's Quote  June 12/15

“The construction of the new Holiday Inn Express in our city is a significant investment in our overall economy. This state-of-the-art facility compliments our strategic plan to provide quality services for our business community and recreational visitors, as well as improving the overall value of the city.”
Mayor Tom Gillen

What do you call this Mayor DIP SH!T improving the overall value of Third Street?
This kind of crap is going on all over the city and you wonder why your own party did not endorse you for a second term. Probably the same reason AT&T kicked you to the curb you looser.

                                        113 W. Third St.



Oswego City Fire Department
Bell California Scandal = Certain Members of Oswego City Government = City of Oswego Fire
Just the Oswego Fire Department keeps padding their own pay and pension, and the fire department is coming back for more money. (Overtime) and Common Council keeps approving it as city taxes keep rising...


                                                                                                                          June 12/15

Three dog night
As usual, no one has a clue to what you are sending about. If you want to slash someone , tell us what is going on.
                                                                                                                          June 12/15

Congratulations Pathfinder
Great photo all that money you saved on your state of the art, Sams Club surveillance system is paying off.

                                                                                                                          June 12/15

Oswego judge denies request to throw out alleged jailhouse confession in murder case


                                                                                                                          June 12/15





Today's Quote  June 11/15

“I don't think a prostitute is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing.”
Prince Philip

I misspoke!

I said Toni Pauldine was clearing brush. He is not it is really a logging operation. It seems every time Toni picks up one of these distressed properties the first thing he does is clear-cut the property. Throwing everything in the road or on the sidewalk is part of his modus operandi. The white arrow shows a trip hazard that has been over the sidewalk for 5 days now. Not to worry though it and the broken sidewalk is camouflaged by all the brush he has dumped for disposal at the taxpayers expense.




New Song for DDQ
Annie's comin, honk yer horn now
Annie's comin, honk yer horn now
Oooh Annie's comin honk yer horn now
Annie's comin, better walk walk
But you"ll never get away
No you'll never get away
From all Annie"s heartbreak
We'll watch you fall another day
Every where you go
Annie's comin, you'll never get away
Annie's comin, you'll never get away
Hide me
Hide me
Hide me
Honk yer horn now !

When ya drive by prompt care, give a beep for Annie. TX

Three Dog Night
                                                                                                                          June 11/15

Homer closes school
Here's what a fiscally responsible school district does when enrollment drops 10%:

Homer Board of Education votes to shut down Hartnett Elementary in Truxton despite public outcry

Sadly, this will never happen in Oswego as it's easier to just raise taxes 10%.
                                                                                                                          June 11/15

cutting taxes and looking through the liars
What is a 24 year old bringing to the table? What is the other aldermen bring to the table? They do not see how to cut almost 4 mil. or to SAVE the Tax Payers of the City of Oswego, ny monies. Talk about building permits, bad streets, bad contractors, people not ,or behind in there taxes, and not having the ability to understand, that the school dist. and the city of Oswego, are not related, or connected, but these mental midgets do not know, Oswego change in separation of city taxes, county taxes, school taxes! They are all separated, but the mayor , and these aldermen, who really should stay home and bake cookies with there wives, because they have no smarts, nor do they have any back bone, must have been lost when the sports in school change from football ( or any other )to how to screw people with a smile and act stupid ( which comes natural ) . I guess some people do not want to save people 4 mil. dollars. I guess some people want to worry about the more important issues, like where the workers live, but cannot answer, where does all the firemen and police live? And I will help YOU move, jerk off !
                                                                                                                          June 11/15

City of Oswego
State may take over in a few years
Budgets putting city into hopeless position
Maybe the greedy self serving people that are killing the golden goose will take less in the hope of a better future ?
                                                                                                                          June 11/15





Today's Quote  June 10/15

“I'm going to college. I don't care if it ruins my career. I'd rather be smart than a movie star.”
Natalie Portman

Tony Pauldine
Since when does Tony follow any rules. There was asbestos that was illegally removed by one of Tony's scumbag tenant and left over on east 2nd and Cayuga street. Once Tony found out the dec and the EPA were asking questions about it the asbestos was removed by Tony's employees and the driveway was sealed. Big shock Tony's lift is leaking. Must be all the money he made off the city for renting a hallway went to his boys fund.
                                                                                                                          June 10/15

Billy "the kid" Barlow and the fire department
What is Billy the kid's platform when it comes to this?

Council approves overtime for OFD

Will Billy give us the same mumbo jumbo as previous mayors or go on record saying he will do away with the ambulance service?

                                                                                                                          June 10/15

You are going to get an answer that sounds something like, I know there are some issues there but I am not sure getting rid of the ambulance service is the best way to deal with it. I think we need to sit down with the chief and come up with some better ideas. He is going to try and use that kind of bull sh!t answer for everything. This is not going to be some rinky dink election like we have had for the last twelve years. This time they are organized like they were with Gosek. So far I am told they have raised over 70K . A bout a week or ten days ago they had a 99 dollar a plate dinner for Barlow. There is no doubt they have hired some kind of public relations person or firm like Gosek did. They have decided on a message or slogan, "young", "energetic", "new" and they are going to repeat that over and over on every form of media,until the polls close in November. You are going to see TV commercials and pictures of him on Centro busses, he will have a website as well as a Facebook and Twitter thing going and on election day you will see them bussing students to the polls. The Democrats are just getting their act together while the slumlords have been organizing this since at least December 2014 when they made the deal with Backus to run Barlow for mayor.

Here is a laundry list of people going to the council for permission to use public space and public parks.
Barlow did not need permission like the peons. H just walked into Montcalm park and took it over for his political agenda. That is exactly the attitude you can expect if he is elected.


Fire dept . overtime
Real simple, cut 30 fire personal, go to 10 man shifts ( east and west = 20 ) on 12 hour days = 20 personal, not including head ch$$f, asst. ch$$f, person taking phone calls ch$$f, PR ch$$f. Three day = 36 hours, four day = 48 now alternate ,three day, four day, three day, etc. so group one does the 36 hour shift, has four days off, then does the four day shift. So able to get rid of thirty personal ( appx. Three mil. in Savings ) Ask menter if they can run a total of four or five ambl. Another savings of not having to have three ambl. And the personal to run them, along with the maintance, another savings to the taxpayers of 980,000.00 a year! Almost four mil. a year savings to the taxpayers. The mayor, and the aldermen do not get it, but the fire ch$$f does, and he is right in your paychecks and retirement fund acct.
This is a real boys club and the taxpayers are paying the dues and eating the B.S. three times a day ( that is if you are not broke yet )!
                                                                                                                          June 10/15

More Tony Baloney dirty tricks
Seems Tony has been dumping his construction trash on vacant properties. If you own a vacant building you should make sure Tony isn't using your property as his personal dump. He is a real piece of s**t.
                                                                                                                          June 10/15

What do we expect I guess … that family is nothing but white trash. He was driving that piece of junk over the sidewalk again and dumping more transmission fluid as he went around the block. Yes he broke another flag of the sidewalk. It is scum like him that give Gays a bad name. Those crooked firemen bust some poor homeowner for rebuilding his porch and then they give Pauldine a free pass. Ozwego! It’s not who ya know it’s who ya blow.






Today's Quote  June 9/15

“Youth is a quality, not a matter of circumstances.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

Oaks is nuts

                                                                                                                          June 9/15


Criminalizing half of the college age youth is unreasonable !
This bullsh!t over the top anti pot enforcement is a waste of tax dollars ! Police should pick on violent criminals not kids on pot!
                                                                                                                          June 9/15

DDQ & Scabby
Annie is coming and rumour has it she has her eye on a couple of useless troublemakers at Oswego health's new endeavor.
Polar princess is bailing out to let Annie clean house!
We at Oswego Health are looking forward to what's going to take place real soon up there.
Annie has been seen with one of the prior office managers on two seperate occasions about what has gone on up there, and another is now on Annie's payroll.
The owner is on her way out while Annie cleans up her messes.
B&M's reign of terror is coming to an end soon. When Annie gets the drunk, we're having a party at Gibby's.
DDQ should be canned from facebook also. You are an evil woman and you will get what's coming to you again. Polar can't save you again.
There is no place for a DDQ in Oswego Health. Prompt care is bye bye !

Annie's coming beth, ha ha. See you soon.

Sammy Beerbottle
                                                                                                                          June 9/15

library safety
To prevent a non personal from entering a building that is suppose to be CLOSED, six foot construction fence ( like the one that is being used at midtown) like the kind we have been using in Syracuse for over thirty years. Also, you do not use yellow, but red tape. Also, if you are not using chain link fence, you use half inch rope, with red bow ties on them every two feet, and hang “ DO NOT ENTER “ signs on the rope evey eight feet. As of today, the safety tape is wrong color, and has been blowing in the wind for four days. The staff at the library is not checking on the “ Do Not Enter Zone “ and neither is the fire dept. nor the city. I have already seen people inside the fence off area. Fence it, close it, send the staff to either vac . time or lay them off until the problem has been addressed.
                                                                                                                          June 9/15

lifts and nobody knows the rules
Lifts cannot travel more than 300 yards, if one job site is unrelated to each other! Must be transported !Daily maintance log and inspection is conducted daily. If the lift is leaking fluids, it is not to be moved, leaks are to be contained, inspected and REMOVED by proper agency! If work is being conducted, work area MUST be fenced off. Keeping sidewalks, road way clear, and have, if needed, flag person ( must be properly trained in D.O.T. traffic control ) in which I am almost sure, in the case of west third street, near bridge street. I saw the trail of machinery fluids from west second street to third street to which it turned north on third street. OSHA is going to have a field day on this one. Mr. Paul… , get your check book out for this one in fines, OSHA has been called!
                                                                                                                          June 9/15

Escaped prisoners
I was told they were seen in Oswego? Plattsburgh police vehicle with 2 ATVs seen at nice n easy fueling up. Lock you doors. Safe act what do you think now?

                                                                                                                          June 9/15
They would blend right in here in Oz.

Possible suspect in 1994 Heidi Allen kidnapping linked to 2 more crimes against women


                                                                                                                          June 9/15

Sheriff’s Office Seeks Help In Locating Robbery Suspect

                                                                                                                          June 9/15

Tonie Baloney Pauldine's Toxic Trail
The monster toxic waste spiller came from 233 Syracuse Ave. The property goes from the avenue through to E. Fifth St, that is where the equipment has been all winter. Debris from this property blocked the sidewalks on E. Fifth and Syracuse Ave. for many months. No one did a thing to correct the problem. As usual, the pimple popper, continues to cost the tax payers money in order to line his own pockets. He will not clean his toxic mess, the EPA should be notified.
                                                                                                                          June 9/15

A 1000 dollars for Flowers!?
Amy L. Birdsall the NEW Zoning and Planning Director for the City of Oswego has taken a $1000.00 dollars of Oswego City Tax Payers monies and spent it on flowers planted around Oswego City Hall.
(Cityhall needs repair work not flowers.) Birdsell says that a thousand dollars wouldn't do very much for Oswego City Hall.

Birdsell has also been active with the Oswego Renaissance Association, whose mission is to promote the development, restoration, and preservation of healthy, vibrant neighborhoods and communities in Oswego.

Hey Birdsell you owe Oswego City tax payers some money. The state needs to come and do an audit now. How did Birdsell get access to tax payer monies and spend it without voters approval? Birdsell has to go...


                                                                                                                          June 9/15

What the hell were they…Orchids?

You do not need the voters approval but last I knew you did need council approval to spend a thousand dollars or more.






Today's Quote  June 8/15

"I really don't think life is about the I-could-have-beens.

Life is only about the I-tried-to-do.

I don't mind the failure but I can't imagine that I'd forgive myself if I didn't try."
Nikki Giovanni

The Great Entremanure Tony Pauldine
What is the matter with you? Tony is trying to do a good thing and all you do is complain. I can hear the whiners now. You might think it is a good thing that this massager of teenage boys bought a derelict and historic home at 113 West Third St., which he claims he is going to restore, but that is not necessarily the case.

Lets do a rewind to November of 2006 when an a$$hole from New Jersey named Dagmar Thrower bought the property. He evidently figured he was going to flip (re sell) it at a profit as it was advertised on Ebay as well as other internet sites throughout the Spring and Summer of 2007. When his plans failed to materialize he rented it to a fraternity from the Oswego State the #2 Drug College in the US. He had it set up with five bedrooms and therefore at least five people living there. In no time at all the parties started and I began getting complaints two tenants of one of Oswego’s renowned HUD slumlords Joe and Valerie Hutchinson. From across the street and through their beer goggles they could see them smoking pot and all manner and fashion of bad deeds. As I was the alderman at the time I went directly to that crooked lying bastard Tony Leota. Being the hard working Zoning enforcement person that he was he promptly handed it off to Robert McGrath to investigate. When Pizza-Face got there he told them I had complained about them and they should not worry about it because I had not been re-elected and was all done being the alderman in a few months. So now with the blessing of two of the biggest crooks in city hall these Long Island Ducks did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted and almost immediately they began trashing the house.

This Dagmar a$$hole from New Jersey did not give a sh!t what they did because he was taking in a minimum of 25,000 a year in rent. Once each summer he would show up with a lawnmower tied to the top of his car. He would stay in the house do a little cleaning out and give the lawn and bushes their once a year butchering. The sidewalk was never shoveled but what the hell the property next door owned a couple of local a$$holes Donald (duck) and Laurie Wahrendork was never shoveled or mowed either. After six years the house was a total dump and Dagmar served eviction notices on, I am told, about 6 or 8 people. Then around Memorial weekend he shows up like clockwork with his lawnmower. Only this time he puts a for sale sign on the house. A few months later it was still for sale and he had some rum-dum from Central Square doing a little touching up and cleaning up while truing to sell the dump for something like 45,000. The kid showed me through it and my personal opinion was it should have been condemned. So with no buyers and six years rent ( at least 150,000) in his pocket Dagmar decided to let the mortgage company have it. Personally I thought we were going to see some Jewish lightening but I guess the conditions just were not right or Pizza-Face was not available. Meanwhile these college druggies kept coming around trying to force their way in the front door or break through back door. On two occasions I know of the police caught groups of them in the building but never arrested anyone.

All the while this was going on at this house and others around the city, the local historical nuts and preservationists never said a god damn thing. Go figure!

Now fast forward to June 2015 and enter Toni the bologna pony Pauldine, savior of old houses and young boys. Everyone is applauding him for taking on the Herculean task of restoring this "LADY” to her former beauty…… but at what cost?

A Pauldine crew arrived in early June and began clearing brush and cleaning up debris in the yard. That is a good thing. Of course all the brush ended up in a pile in front of the house half in the road. The other trash was taken away but I guess Toni was too poor to haul the brush out to the DPW site on Mitchell St. like so many of us do. Evidently is better if he can pass off that expense to the taxpayers. That is not such a good thing.

Next a crew stripped and replaced the back roof. All the debris were cleaned up and removed. That is a good thing.

On Saturday I was enjoying the quiet, clean, well-paved streets of a few cities in the Southern Tier and when I came back there was Pauldines boom lift, which he has been running around the city for years leaking gallons of transmission fluid everywhere it goes. It was parked along side the house where it came to rest after crushing the sidewalk and leaving a trail of highly flammable and toxic fluid which could be traced across the sidewalk into Third St. down to Bridge St. and from there somewhere to the east. When he is done crushing the sidewalk and polluting the soil he will no doubt be seeking a brown field grant from Community Development while demanding that the DPW put in a new sidewalk. That is not a good thing.

In typical Toni fashion he has had his people remove any hazardous materials from the building before bothering with a building permit and who knows where those things were dumped.
Yes I know some people would argue that is a good thing.

I want to know where are all these thieving lying firemen who are supposed to be inspecting. Where is the HAZMAT Team? I also want to know what our useless fire chief is going to do about all this flammable transmission fluid that has now been spread all over by every passing vehicle. Maybe he will pull his head out of the bottle early this week and do something to earn the $110,000 we are paying his worthless ignorant ass. That would be a good thing but I kind of effing doubt it is going to happen.
                                                                                                                          June 8/15




Freak Show
I heard that "Freak Show" known as the Conservative Party has endorsed Oakes as their candidate for District Attorney. This is not surprising, knowing that they are bought and paid for by the Republican Party and there is not enough collective intelligence to back the right candidate, McAndrews. They fear that the Republicans will retaliate if they did not pick their candidate, even though they are aware of his total incompetence!
                                                                                                                          June 8/15

Shick needs someone like Backus to tell him what to do.






Today's Quote  June 7/15

“Dangerous consequences will follow when politicians and rulers forget moral principles.

Whether we believe in God or karma, ethics is the foundation of every religion.”
Tenzin Gyatso

Re: Oswego Little League Day
You have the story right on the money about the K of C in the 70's. Going back in the late 60's with the start of the Hot Stove getting off the ground at the time.
With my fathers effort along with most of the coaches that went above and beyond just to get this going so kids had Little League to go and have fun. It was not so much about winning it was more for the fun of it. Sharkey was one of the best coaches at the time. He put his all in to it right from practice out at the collage to the start of the season. All the coaches did the best for all the kids that played on any of the teams. I might now have played baseball but I was always out with my dad when he would have practice helping out. Then with the games I was right there keeping score and stats as the games are being played.

All the effort all the adults put in at the Hot Stove and the Summer Carnival to raise money to help the Hot Stove get the needed supplies the kids needed. A lot of fun was had by everyone that played on a team or just went and watched.

Summers from back when it was good to be a kid. You could go outside and not worry about anything but having fun playing baseball.

My father was something special back in the baseball days. When he was coaching he always had a lot of fun with the kids and it should every time the K of C won.

Never forget those days gone by

                                                                                                                          June 7/15

I think the Hot Stove Association was going strong when I played for Police back in 58-59. Our coach was either Don or Tom Fletcher. He had a small Sunoco Station on 104 about half way to Hannibal. His brother ran a station in Minetto. We had an assistant coach who was a State trooper I think and I believe Lee Harvey’s father also coached. I think Harry Lagoe was the coach for Kingsford Pumps and Joe McGary Sr. coached Firemen. Falise Pompey would pass the hard hat in the bleachers while Larry Decker M-C ed the games from the top of the concession stand. The dugouts backstop and bleachers were made at either Fitzgibbons or Ames Iron Works. On opening day there was a wooden hoop about three feet in diameter mounted on top of the fence in center field. Anyone who hit a homer through the hoop was to get a savings bond. That is about all I can remember about Little League. The city Recreation dept. Used to have summer baseball programs called Grasshopper and Pony leagues. Dave Powers and Joe Wilbur were in charge of them I believe.





Today's Quote  June 6/15

“There is no more important struggle for American democracy than ensuring a diverse,

independent and free media. Free Press is at the heart of that struggle.”
Bill Moyers

To Whom It May Concern:
The current Oswego County Emergency Management Director. Sexually harasses his female employees. He abuses his position and wastes thousands of taxpayer dollars. He goes on unnecessary “business” trips out of state for training which he does not need. He treats them like personal vacations. He has spent hundreds of dollars on frivolous items such as marker boards, laser pointers, signs which never get used, laptops that they do not use, et cetera. He bought items for a Coast Guard exercise using EMO funds. He does not allow his employees to get mileage or expense checks, but drives his own personal vehicle everywhere he can as to get all the mileage checks for himself. He is an arrogant and incompetent bully who has made enemies in every other office and agency in the county. He abuses his power and wastes A LOT of hard earned taxpayer dollars in this county. Please publish a story on him to tell the people of this county what kind of person they have for an EMO Director. Thank you.
                                                                                                                          June 6/15

Braggin takin Cahill's
What a sad day for Oz
Another9,000000$ PILOT-FOR
                                                                                                                          June 6/15

Smegelsky isn't sorry he stole from the Minetto Fire Dept., he is sorry he was caught.


                                                                                                                          June 6/15

Yo! 1st Ward Councilor Enwright.
Hey no balls!
Where’s the building permit for the house on the corner of W.5th and Schuyler St.? (The one right next to yours?) That’s a commercial rental property, where are the architectural drawings for that building? They are supposed to be submitted to your committee for approval and then go before the common council to be voted on. It wasn’t.
That’s *NEGLIGENCE* on your part Enwright…. Looks like a "Notice of Claim" with your name on it coming your way.
                                                                                                                          June 6/15

Last month Smegelsky was bragging how the DA was going to drop the charges if the judge didn’t take the deal they had made.
                                                                                                                          June 6/15

Re: Oswego Little League Day
May God Bless the kids that continue to play in the Oswego Little League over the last 50+ years and then some.
I wish you all the best of luck in competition each and every year. Don't ever forget the history and tradition.

Speaking of history and tradition I will say this. No team will ever match that of the K of C winning 3 of 4 city championships in the 70's.
That team was coached by Sharkey Auclair and George Stieper two of the greatest coaches in the history of Oswego Little League.

I would like to send a shout out to my teammates during that great run of four years. They are Keith and Kevin Sheridan, John Edwards, Tim James,
Ed and Doug Dumas, Tom and John Dunsmoor, Tom Van Schaack, Paul Gregoris (rip), Tom Hopper Delany, Steve Flett, and to the rest who helped us win the way we did.

One of the greatest games ever played for the city championship was on the East Side Diamond Lagoe Field with a packed house in the stands and all along the fence line all the way around several deep...K of C vs the Firemen. Marty Earl's homer in the bottom of the 13th inning won it for the Firemen and the likes of Doc Kingsley and Donny Gator Wallace.

That frustration for the Knights put us on a run to win the City Championship the next few years. With the third City Championship coming at the West Side Brietbeck Park field against (some one correct me if I'm wrong) Goldbergs Furniture...sponsors changed all the time. It came down to the last inning with no score...0-0..Tim James walked for the Knights...was moved to second base on a Ed Dumas single...James stole third base and the he was driven home by a Tom Dunsmoor single for the win and the third straight championship. Those days will never be forgot by so many!

Sharkey Auclair and George Stieper were like second dads to so many of us. I will end by mentioning so many others that played during that time that were not only great athletes but great team mates and competitors later in life......Firemens Donny Wallace, Doc Kingsley, guys like Ken Churchio, Jimmy Rourke, Marty Earl, Larry Stienberg, Mark Lazzaro, Doug Levens, Paul Furman, Mike Bradshaw, Mike Wapen, John Burnham, Joe James, Carmen Guinta, I could go on and on...some of the best ball played was during these guys era. Oswego Little League continues to excel each and every year/decade and that is a testament to the coaches and umpires that volunteer along with the parents who continue to spend time with their kids each year. God Bless Oswego Little League. I'm sorry if I've left out other great players and coaches... we know...and you know who you are! Thanks for the memories!
                                                                                                                          June 6/15






Today's Quote  June 5/15

“We think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well.

He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well.

If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view.”
Mao Tse-Tung

Democratic Members of Oswego County Legislature`s Independent Reform Caucus Object to ‘Politics as Usual’ attitude at County Treasurer’s Office

                                                                                                                          June 5/15

driving around in a new fire truck that the taxpayers bought for the firemen 's pleasure
Boy am I glad the aldermen, and it should be, trying to take care of side walks that are trip hazards. But why are we worried about curbs? Should we not worry about over spending, crying wolf ( maybe ) at the city library? And by the way, how is this building, tax payers monies, incorporated to the board of education, when they are two separate entities. After all. If you are a city res. And your county tax, city tax, water and sewer tax is paid, but your school tax is not paid , you will be declined for city services, but why? The schoolboard is not part of the city of Oswego for over 53 years! These aldermen say and control a lot of things and yet, not going after really big problems, landlord issue,lack of a proper code and construction dept. over spending on the fire dept. occupancy code on rentals, etc… And the CITY LIBRARY is part of what? the schoolboard ( board of education ) or the city of Oswego, it cannot be both, that was decided over 53 years ago! Mr. eric, you need a history lesson, I would start with Mr. Canale ( in regards to Oswego and not WWII ) .
                                                                                                                          June 5/15

DA Oakes Re-election Campaign FRAUD
A few simple questions.
1.How long has Oakes been DA?
2.How long have Hippies been selling drugs at Sterling Stage? You see where I'm going here..
3.Why was Oakes derelict in his duty all those NON-ELECTION years?
4.Will you give him the votes he needs to carry on his "good, solid police work"
5.Is he obstructing the Federal attorney in the Thibadeau case, waiting for Mr T.to die of a rumored fatal medical condition? And can the County afford the civil suit that will result from his malicious prosecution and imprisonment of Mr T ?
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
                                                                                                                          June 5/15

The Republican Machine
Let's not forget the driving force behind corruption and cronyism in NYS; The REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED State Legislature.If Albany is the "brain" of the Republican Machine then Oswego is surely the sphincter,and Greg Oakes is it's mouth-piece (and Billy Barlow is their candidate for Mayor!)
Smegelsky is charged with only a single misdemeanor assuring that he'll not only KEEP HIS JOB but also his LIFETIME pension!
                                                                                                                          June 5/15

swimming at the y
I remember swimming ay the Y during the 30s and 40s. even back then
bathing suits were not allowed. The man that said all men were created
equal never swam at the Y
                                                                                                                          June 5/15

Talk about the 50's, check this out. Really cool.

Now that Oswego City Firefighter/Minetto Fire Chief Joe Smegelsky has pleaded guilty to Petit Larceny will our city finally dump him ? Time to get rid of the trash.
                                                                                                                          June 5/15

Mexico FD members steal from ambulance
You guys in Oswego think it's bad, In Mexico we have MFD member Todd and and chief ken stealing money and gas from our local ambulance in town... I heard they are not telling peeps to keep it quite, but heard comptrollers been called...
- pissed off tax payer...
                                                                                                                          June 5/15

Attention Please,

The need to get a foreigner

I am Paul Dada, Head of Internal Audit Banque Commerciale Du Ghana, working as part of a bigger team that covers the entire African region. An investor (name with-held) died without naming any next of kin to his fund in my bank.

The amount is $15.7M and banking regulation/legislation in Ghana demands that i should notify the fiscal authorities after three years.

The above set of facts underscores my reason to seek your permission to have you stand in as the next of kin to the deceased.

These funds will be approved and released in your favor as the next of kin if only you will adhere to my instruction and cooperate with me in one accord. I have all the legal and banking details of the deceased client that will facilitate our putting you forward as the claimant/beneficiary of the funds and ultimately transfer of the $15.7M plus interest to any bank account nominated by you. I am prepared to compensate you with a 35% share of the total funds for your efforts. The final details will be given upon receipt an affirmation of your desire to participate.

Please contact me immediately whether or not you are interested in this proposal.
If you are not, it will enable me scout for another foreign partner to carry out this deal. But where you are interested, contact me immediately.
Thank you,
Mr.Paul Dada
                                                                                                                          June 5/15

I really could use the money because the FBI called the other day and said If did not pay the money I owed I would go to jail. I am awfully bussy right now trying to fill the void in the local drug market so if anyone out there would like “stand in” for me feel free to do so.





Today's Quote  May 14/15

"I dare you, who think life is humdrum, to become involved. I dare you who are weak to become strong; you who are dull to be sparkling; you who are slaves to be kings."

 William Danfort



Thomas Coyle Murder
"The Last Usher" is the story of the death of Thomas Coyle on W. 3rd Street, in Oswego, NY, and is now published on Amazon.



                                                                                                                       May 14/15




If Gilligan circulates petitions to run for mayor,

I will post the names of every person that signs on the site.


Where to live !
Boy am I glad that this important issue has been taken care of in a very speedy and important business! After all, why would be, or you should ask, why police and firemen, and san. And what , pray tell, are these people? Are you saying, that the office workers, lawyers,cleaning service,parking readers,accounts, etc. have to live inside the city? And why are the police and fire dept. excluded? Why not have the LANDLORDS, Live inside the city also! And why not have the landlords live in one of there two family, three or more houses! And ,if they own a housing or appt. complex, the should live in at least one of them!
You aldermen are a bunch of morons! How about stop doing those special meetings that you have in the morning, stop these boy scout meetings and the one ones that you also have with some of the schoolboard members, and take care care of real important issuses, like taxes, water supply issues, road break, and those darn food runs out at price chopper, you know, where the amb. Hides behind the building, on the west side of it! Boy, doesn’t everyone love a sneak? Where do you think they get there orders to park, since it is not in front of the building in plain sight? So ,they are listening, and they know that we do not like it and have had enough! Ambl. On west side of price chopper at 11:00 a.m. on this 5-13-15 P. S . If the city of Oswego, ny goes with a private ambl. Service, I will bet ,that they can park anywhere they want to, because they have nothing to hide! Please Vote and let these members of the school board Know how you feel about the terrible job they have done looking out for the taxpayers. Time for this super to go!
                                                                                                                       May 14/15

Oswego Businessman Fined

                                                                                                                       May 14/15





Today's Quote  May 13/15

“If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.”
Katharine Hepburn

A New Mascot For The OFD

                                                                                                                       May 13/15

cost cutting
this may have been mentioned before-not shure
.o.f. d. sell the boats, ambulances, trucks.and
the west fire station. put the personel on swing shift.
how? 4 shifts comprising of 8 men per shift. it’s called swing shift.
when it comes to vacations, days off, sick time.whatever
12 hours applies. no call in’s. as for food bring your own
no running to the store in company cars or trucks.
o. p.d. no more 4 wheelers. you need to get around., walk.
you can use the exercise. code enforcement? we got one?
all he does is ride around wasting gas. once in a while
he gets out to talk to some one to look busy.
I known this is going to get a bunch of people
,set, I can just hear the crying now,
ed dom you think I hit a sore spot?
                                                                                                                       May 13/15

County Legislator Tresidder Seeks To Become Port City’s First Female Mayor
Pretty safe to assume she doesn't reside with mommy and daddy. She has my vote.


                                                                                                                       May 13/15

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney (R,C-New Hartford) is calling on Gov.

Cuomo to shut down his so-called 'economic development program,' START-UP New York.

                                                                                                                       May 13/15

Local 5K Run/Walk
Oswego Little League will be hosting the second annual 5K Run/Walk Friday June 5th at 6:00pm. Register by May 21st to guarantee a race T-Shirt. Go to http://www.lightboxreg.com/oswego-little-league-5k-run-walk to register. Find us on Facebook by searching “Oswego Little League 5K 2015” for more details.
                                                                                                                       May 13/15

school board candidates
A brief summary of the three school board candidates:

Sereno (ex classroom teacher): Her quote: "Unions are the foundation of what our society is. It’s what makes us great"

DeCastro (ex classroom teacher): Needs three more years to figure a way to get his granddaughter a social worker job in the district.

Hoefer: His quote: "It’s more important to have a healthy community for our children than to have a rich school district. We have to keep in mind that our community and parents are more important than our teachers".

It's very clear which candidate is for the community and taxpayers.

Remember, you do not have to vote for two candidates. Those supporting Hoefer should only vote for him and only him.

                                                                                                                       May 13/15


The sad part here is that with two seats open and only three candidates one of those ex teachers, DeCastro or Sereno is guaranteed to be back on the board. Therefore it is important for voters to understand if they want Hoefer, they must not vote for anyone else. If they vote for Hoefer and and then one of the other two they just cancel out their vote for Hoefer.

breath of fresh air
Please, Mr. Gillen, step aside, have a nice retirement! Aldermen, please try to get out of first gear and do your best to worry about taxes, code enforcement, reducing the overstaff fire dept. And by the way, how does not having a mayor’s asst. save monies when you have three fire dept. pick up trucks, and one with a 7000.00 sno-blade on a 60,000.00 truck? That right there is a person’s gross pay right there! And the three boats, What is that cost? New sheriff going to be coming to town, suck it up boys! Better learn how to use those extra holes in your belt, because you are going to need them!
Schoolboard, your next!
                                                                                                                       May 13/15



Here are some truths about the Bridge Street Run.

It is not supported or sponsored by the college. They also do not discourage it.

I is not a few hundred students from Suny Oswego. It is a few thousand students, drunks, dopers, perverts, gangbangers, and drug dealers and they come from all over the north east.

Last year there were two deaths, which the authorities claim could not be connected directly to the Bridge Street Run. One person, not a student from the Long Island area brought some high-test heroin up to Oswego where he met up with friends who were participating in the Run. Two deaths are just the number we have been told. No one knows how many bought the drug here and died somewhere else on some other weekend.

1 SUNY Oswego student dead after heroin overdose; 2 others hospitalized
Oswego, N.Y. -- Three SUNY Oswego students overdosed on heroin Friday night, one fatally, according to Sgt. James DuFrane of the Oswego Police Department.
The student who died was found on campus, DuFrane said. Two other students were found after overdosing off-campus and hospitalized. Police believe the incidents are related.
DuFrane said that criminal charges are pending, but didn't elaborate. The death is being investigated by campus police and the overdoses are being investigated by city police, according to DuFrane.
No names have been released. The times and locations of the overdoses have also not been released.



"Nevertheless, recognizing the risks associated with the Bridge Street Run and upon request of Oswego City Police, we do put our college public safety resources at the service of the Oswego City Police. Our University Police officers, paid overtime by the college, were operating under the direction and control of the Oswego City Police from 3 p.m. Friday to 3 a.m. Saturday to assist at no charge to the city."
Deborah F. Stanley


1 SUNY Oswego student dead, 2 others hospitalized after suspected heroin overdoses


I remember reading Deborah Stanley’s denial denial letter back then especially the part about the dates and times during, which the College Cops were “operating under the direction and control of the Oswego City Police”. I also remember thinking what the hell was that about.

Well here is a chronology as best as I can recollect. I have meant to do a follow up on that cover up but just could not find the time and then could not find my notes. I am sure someone will correct me where I am wrong.

Somewhere around the weekend of April 26, 2014 John Doe, from Long Island or somewhere down there came to Oswego with his backpack bulging with Heroin. The object being to party with his friends and sell his wares at the BSR (Bridge Street Run).

That weekend a student, lets call him Stupid Student #1, scored some Heroin from this Long Island dealer/friend and promptly passed it on to his friend Stupid Student #2. It is unknown if there were any fees or surcharges, which would make him not only Stupid Student #1 but also Dealer #2.

While they attended a party at a Frat house on the Johnson Road just outside the city in the Town of Oswego, Stupid Student #2 shot up the Heroin and promptly croaked. As part of the cover up the college demanded that Stupid Student #1 move back onto campus.

Just a few days later was the BSR and Stupid Student #1 was at another party at another Frat house on west Bridge Street, which was operated in violation of the zoning ordinance, by Doug Waterbury, who is also the mentor of Oswego Councilman William Barlow.

At this party Stupid Student #1 and two others Stupid Student #2 and Stupid Student #3 all shot up some heroin from the same dealer. On this occasion Stupid Students #1&2 over dosed while #3 croaked or so it seemed. Realizing the possible consequences, an undisclosed number of Stupid Student/Frat boys loaded #3, the dead or near dead one into a car and brought him out to campus where they dumped him in a dorm room and called 911.

Meanwhile back at Councilor Barlow’s, mentors, frat house on Bridge Street, Stupid Students #1 & #2 were being attended to by EMS personnel.

The following day Campus Cops who already had the info on the Johnson Road death began to put two and two together. They went directly to stupid Student #1 and told him they knew he was involved in the two deaths and offered him immunity if he gave up the source of the Heroin because they just wanted to get this stuff off the street.

Pending a definitive autopsy report determining the time and place of death of Stupid student #3 the Oswego Cops were operating under the belief that #3 did die in the City Of Oswego and either arrested or planned to arrest Stupid Student #1 for is involvement. At this point or shortly Thereafter Stupid Student #1 flashed the get out of jail free card and the DA’s office was faced with the conundrum of whether or not the Campus Cops had the authority to offer immunity for a crime committed outside their jurisdiction. Stupid #1 was involved in the deaths of two people. I am sure we will never know just what transpired between the two enforcement agencies and the DAs office but now Deborah Stanley’s statements about the Campus Cops, operating under the control of the City Cops began to make sense.

That I am afraid is where the trail ends for now. Neither the City nor the College has done anything to stop or alter the Bridge Street Run. Stupid Students #1 & #2 recovered and are probably now teaching school or working on Wall Street. I have yet to find out if anyone was ever arrested for those two deaths. I am sure there was no Zoning Complaint regarding Waterbury’s house and certainly no “POINTS” registered against it. Councilor Barlow now enjoys the support of Waterbury and the slumlords association in his yet to be announced campaign for Mayor of Ozwego.


All is well that ends well!
                                                                                                                       May 8/15



Today's Quote  May 3/15

"Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do."

Benjamin Spock



Gang bangers from Syracuse faced off against Sons of Moses from Oswego State.

About 1:50 AM Sunday a group of large nosed whites faced off against some Gang bangers from Syracuse outside the notorious Sting Bar in Oswego. When Police showed up all took flight some of them into the back yards of local residences. With at least two people in handcuffs back at street side the liquid courage began to show as patrons of the Sting used the safety of the steel bars around the patio to launch random taunts and fowl language which was directed towards the police and those in handcuffs. After all had left several height handicapped tough guys with their distinctive Long Island brogue began strutting up and down the street re enacting and bragging about the recent events. One of them made a comment about what would happen if any of those "Migger"s ever came back here.



                                                                                                                       May 3/15

Joeseph Smegelsky Jr.


Below is a copy of the District Attorney's plea bargain and his explaination of how they arrived at it.

If you enjoy fiction you will love this.









Gary Thibodeau claims he has not been allowed to shower in 4 weeks



                                                                                                                       March 4/15


Today's Quote, March 2/15

"Some people stay longer in an hour than others do in a month"
William Dean Howells


Regarding The Comptrollers Report, which should be answered buy State Comptroller, the District attorney, and the Mayor of Oswego


Joe Smegelsky Jr.

“The chief of the Minetto Volunteer Fire Company in Oswego County spent nearly $6,000 in public funds on personal purchases such as guns and motorcycle parts, according to an audit released today by State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. The audit revealed a total of $22,000 in misused funds, questionable spending and missing cash” http://www.osc.state.ny.us/press/releases/dec14/121914a.htm

Why were there no charges brought for Official Misconduct?

S 195.00 Official misconduct.
A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to
obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit:
1. He commits an act relating to his office but constituting an
unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that such act
is unauthorized; or
2. He knowingly refrains from performing a duty which is imposed upon
him by law or is clearly inherent in the nature of his office.
Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.

Exactly what kind of firearm was purchased, long gun or pistol?

If it was a pistol who’s permit was it placed on?

Did Smegelsky have a permit and if so has it been revoked?

I have been told some crimes involving firearms bring mandatory penalties. If the alleged felony “grand larceny in the third degree” were to be prosecuted would it then bring a mandatory penalty/sentence?


Did anyone investigate to see if this overpayment was deliberate and possibly part of a scheme to divert monies to the chief?

“Vendor Refund Check Diverted — While reviewing cash
disbursements we found that the Company’s Treasurer had
mistakenly overpaid a vendor in 2012. After interviewing Company
officials, including the Chief, we found that the vendor had issued a
check for $1,863 to the Company as a refund of this overpayment.
The Chief subsequently cashed this refund check and retained the
funds for personal use. Prior to the conclusion of our audit, the Chief
reimbursed the Company $1,863 for this refund check.”



According to the Comptrollers Report, Smegelsky admitted he prepared invoices for a nonexistent company at the request of “other Company officials”.


“Four of the purchases were supported by
invoices with letterhead that indicated the Chief had a fire equipment


9 The invoice letterhead showed “J.Smegelsky Fire Equip.”


but, when we interviewed the Chief, he stated that he did
not have a business that sold firefighting gear and related equipment
and that he only prepared invoices because he was asked to do so by
other Company officials.”


S 175.05 Falsifying business records in the second degree.
A person is guilty of falsifying business records in the second degree
when, with intent to defraud, he:
1. Makes or causes a false entry in the business records of an
enterprise; or
2. Alters, erases, obliterates, deletes, removes or destroys a true
entry in the business records of an enterprise; or
3. Omits to make a true entry in the business records of an enterprise
in violation of a duty to do so which he knows to be imposed upon him by
law or by the nature of his position; or
4. Prevents the making of a true entry or causes the omission thereof
in the business records of an enterprise.
Falsifying business records in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.

S 175.10 Falsifying business records in the first degree.
A person is guilty of falsifying business records in the first degree
when he commits the crime of falsifying business records in the second
degree, and when his intent to defraud includes an intent to commit
another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.
Falsifying business records in the first degree is a class E felony.

In an unprecedented public plea for leniency from the District Attorney, we have heard how Smegelsky cooperated and how his alleged loss of six weeks pay at the Oswego Fire Department somehow figures into his punishment. According to the Comptrollers Report “the Chief was unwilling to state where he obtained the other items he sold to the Company”

Someone please explain to me how this translates into cooperation and why was there no investigation into where these items came from?

“Other than stating that he had previously
owned a generator and two helmets which he sold to the Company,
9 The invoice letterhead showed “J.Smegelsky Fire Equip.”
the Chief was unwilling to state where he obtained the other items
he sold to the Company.”






Today's Quote, January 26/15

"I am not an enemy of the negro, we want him here among us; he is the only laboring class we have."
Nathan Bedford Forrest


One week ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. I am sure members of the Ozwego Fire Department seized the opportunity to rack up some double overtime but that is about the only use they have for non-whites.

Since its inception in 1876 the Oswego Fire Department has been as white as the driven snow, with respect to the color of its members that is. In its 139 year history there has never been an Asian, Black or Hispanic member. If you think this somehow reflects the population then you better take off your blinders. Oswego’s elected officials and Personnel Department have long allowed department members to live as far away as Montour Falls, Watertown, and Groton. There is no way you can cast a net that far and say, that population is reflected by our department.

In the late 1980’s there was young Black man working for the local cable company who sometimes frequented the Fire House Tavern as did members of the OFD. The firefighters exam had been announced and he was asking some of the OFD members if they thought he had a chance of getting in. He received all kinds of encouragement while he was there but after he left I overheard two of the Heroes chuckling and say no way they were going to let him in the department. “We have Guinias and Polocks and that is as integrated as we are going to get.” I do not know if the man ever took the test but the fact is that department remains as segregated as the day it was formed. They are allowed to operate as their own little fiefdom picking and choosing their own white membership and no one has the balls to put a stop to it.

The next time our Senators and Congressmen come around for their photo ops with our Hero Department we should all point out to the national media how they are supporting a racist organization. Perhaps we should ask the NAACP how this has been overlooked by their organization for so long.
                                                                                                                            Jan 26/15





Joseph Smegelsky


Audit of Minetto fire chief charged with misusing $22K in funds for guns, motorcycle parts completed
"This individual had keys to the cash register and went on a spending spree with the fire company's money," DiNapoli said in a statement.


                                                                                                                    Dec 20/14


They learn to be thieves and liars in Ozwego then they go out into the towns and ply their trade.


City Of Oswego, NY Firefighter Arrested


Joseph Smegelsky, Jr. Was arrested after an investigation by the New York State Comptrollers Office and the New York State Police determined there was a "misappropriation of nearly $20,000 in department funds" at the Minetto, NY Volunteer Fire Dept. where he also served, as their Chief.




Here is the gross pay this HERO collected as an Oswego City Fireman.

2011 - $59,803
2012 - $59,392
2013 - $62,616

According to some media reports he has a side business going like all the other Oswego Heroes. I suppose their union president Mr. Geracy will be coming out with a statement telling us these things would not happen if only the firemen were paid a living wage.

 I am sure that if any of this information is incorrect Joey will send in another post and let all us asswipes know about it.


 Meanwhile let's take up a collection and buy him some soap on a rope.


Watch and see what happens next. I bet Gilligan gives him a paid vacation.



Today's Quote, July 2/14


“Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may more perfectly respect it.”
G. K. Chesterton


Oswego's finest screwing the taxpayers once again spotted at Dicks Sporting Goods in Great Northern Mall on 6/22/14.....didn't know they sold food there....or were they perhaps getting a new set up clubs at our expense??? Would still like to see the tab for the turning stone "conference" they went to....a whole weekend at the turning stone??? meals, rooms, drinks, etc???? The worst part is it will never change. No matter who is mayor they will always be controlled by the f.d. and no one will run against our current council members. Oswego has become homeowners to few (I stand corrected good homeowners) and is a city full of renters.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

That was probably just Smegelsky picking up some guns. They should be checking the video at Dicks to see who was with him. That hero should be arrested too.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Chief
People like that are paranpiod about someone else stealing what they just stole so naturally he would need to get a gun to protect all his or should I say our stuff.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14


Ambulance Numbers

Yes, they are not as correct as they should be as I left off the 2 additional firemen that go out on Ambulance #2 and many of the other expenses that can be attributed to the ambulance service . In reality here is a $300,000 loss each year without he expense of a new ambulance. The point is, we will never make a profit on this service; have a fully qualified ambulance located in Oswego (Menter) that can handle all emergencies; could cut 15 men from the department with all their benefits and return $2,000,000 to the taxpayers; while cutting the long term obligation of retirement and the padding of such for years to come.
Unfortunately, the obtuse Mayor, Council, and most of all ,Fire Chief, have another agenda and it is not in the best interest of he taxpayers. McCrobie probably was, at one time, a good fireman, but as a chief and leader lacks in total credibility. The way overtime is handed out only shows that he is helping to bump up he retirement of the soon to retire firemen by thousands of taxpayers dollars. There is a belief that hey will all get their turn is the OT merry-go-round, but the fact is, the tier 6 firemen will never see that benefit. The new anti padding law passed and signed by he governor will not allow tier 6 employees to add any more than $15,000 to their retirement benefits, and they will now have to go for the last 5 years instead of 3. If I were a tier 6, I would tell the tier 5's to stick their $50.00 they pay for the OT and start taking their share of the OT, because it will all be ending when all the tier 5's retire.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Fire Chief
I asked a few weeks ago if anybody knew what was going on with Minetto's Fire Chief well here you go.
Stole $20,000 from the fire department. I'm going to guess he possibly stole more since he's being held with no bail. Coinsedently though he just bought a piece of property behind his own for $20,000. Don't believe me? Here's the property taxes. Coincident? You should take a drive by his property to check it out. Constantly cars & trucks are being 'stored' there and then disappear. Camper was there for a whole summer now that's gone. I even seen the Minetto's fire truck pull up to his vacant property hook on a utility trailer with all the fireman in it and take off. Now Minetto Fire Dept has plenty of property to store at their station. Why would they use his? I offend wondered why a property owner who only has 1/4 acre of grass need a 0 point turn lawn mower? Probably the fire departments.


                                                                                                                    July 2/14




Reporting Welfare Fraud
If you suspect, or have knowledge of a social services client fraudulently receiving assistance from Public Assistance, Food Stamps or Home Energy Assistance (HEAP), you should report it to the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.




Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force 



Secret Service Electronic Crime Task Force




RE: Oswego Corruption
Here are some places you should send your complaints.
Do not waste your time with the county DAs office.

Office of the State Comptroller

Division of Investigations
59 Maiden Lane
30th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10038
212-383- 2502



Office of the State Comptroller
Division of Investigations
110 State Street

Albany, N.Y.   12236-0001


New York State Office of the Attorney General
Public Integrity Unit
120 Broadway, 22nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10271



New York State Reigonal Office of the Attorney General
615 Erie Boulevard West, Suite 102
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone Number: (315)448-4800

Consumer Frauds Number: (315)448-4848
Fax Numers:
(315)448-4853 (Main Number)
(315)448-4851 (Consumer Frauds Bureau)
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday

United States Justice Department
Organized Crime & Racketeering
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

Federal Bureau of Investigation
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

New York State Police
1220 Washington Avenue
Building 22
Albany, NY 12226-2252


New York State Police
Fulton, NY

6 East 12th Street,

Fulton, NY 13069



Payrolls * Contracts * Expenditures * Benchmarking New York * Other Data


This SeeThroughNY section provides a database of names, positions and salaries for more than 1,500,000 individuals who have been employed by New York State, New York City, state and regional public authorities, public school districts, and New York's county, city, town and village governments. Use the form below to search the payrolls by Name, Position, Branch or Major Category, Agency and Subagency.





Searchable Syracuse & Central New York Police Blotter Database
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